Hardcore Henry Review

Better once in a blue moon then never, right? I went and saw Hardcore Henry tonight, and have a non-spoiler review. For anyone who also follows me on my tumblr at atelierjanette.tumblr.com, it is cross-posted there as well. Enjoy!

I really liked Hardcore Henry.

Hardcore Henry is sitting at a 51% on Rotton Tomatoes. I went to see to see it tonight and had a great time. It wasn’t the best movie ever, but it was what a movie needs to be–satisfying.


The big thing about Hardcore Henry is it’s all shot from first person view. I was a little worried about this. I suffer very easily from motion sickness and thought that this viewpoint would be a problem. I saw it on a normal screen, and while I had one or two moments where I felt slightly queasy,

Overall the first person view was very effective.The shots were well executed along with a constant stream of action so for the most part it never felt boring with the exception of a chase scene that ran a little long. I felt engaged and that the first point of view was something new.

The story was very simple. Henry is a silent android who must save his wife from the big bad. A big bad with jedi force powers. It’s pretty uninteresting for the most part with the exception of Jimmy, a fellow who appears to help our main hero. The thing with Jimmy is he dies, then comes back as a different person promising everything will make sense when he goes to his lab.

The characters are very simple too with the exception of Jimmy, however talking about Jimmy spoils one of the best parts of the movie. There’s Henry, the silent android who wants to save the wife he loves, the pretty adorable loving Estelle, the bad guy who name I don’t give a fuck, and Jimmy. It’s a very small, simple cast. I didn’t  form an emotional connection with any of the characters, but I didn’t to.

The story and characters are not why your watching the movie. It’s to watch Henry kill lots and lots of goons on his journey. On that note, Hardcore Henry satisfies. There is a lot of awesome killing action and many different action scenes, this movie is constantly mixing it up. Different weapons, different locations, they’re all in here.  I love watching action scenes in movies and this was awesome for me. It is almost non-stop action.

As long as you go into Hardcore Henry not expecting anything more then a fun flick, it does it job. If you want a story that inspires thought, look elsewhere. My personal recommendation is this is a great movie to see at the Danbury or get on dvd.


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