Cleaning Up

I have finally finished cleaning up An Obsessive Compulsive Blog. I think. I deleted the blogroll because it sucked and was out of date, let me know if you want me to check out your blog for my new blogroll (chances are I’ll add you).

Twitter was updated to new twitter because previous twitter was hacked by Russian spam.

All previous banners were removed caused they used fanart, and using fanart without permission or credit is not cool and I was dumb for doing it in the past. Current banner is an end card from one episode of Nisekoi. All banners from now on will either be official art or screenshots from anime, because there is no good way for me to make sure artists get credited when using their work for a banner.

Keeping the rubric up because while I don’t see myself writing any full length reviews, I like the rubric, and if I change my mind, while I will rewrite it, I’d like that as a base.

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