Sequels Sequels Sequels

So this spring season seems to be the spring of sequels for me. There are a ton of sequels airing. And some of them are sequels I’m interested in. Right now I’m watching three shows:Fate Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, Nisekoi season two and Hello!! Kiniro Mosaic. Mild spoilers below the cut.

Fate/Stay Night started off with a bang this season with Archer pulling a dick move. After that has followed two episodes which humanized characters that had been painted as villians. First of those was Caster. Now to be fair, Caster has done a lot of horrible things that I can’t really forgive her for, but that episode made her more sympathetic to me. This episode really made it apparent that she’s not just an one dimensional villain. The episode really made it seem that although she’d done all these bad things, she wasn’t a bad person. More then anything, her being evil was a result of being constantly screwed over. Although it was a little confusing how she cared about the children being killed, but then kills people for mana which included targeting school children. Then the episode after that is just too painful to even really talk about it. Even though Iyllasviel had barely appeared in this series, this episode tore out my heart and stomped on it into little bits. Iyllasviel had been through hell, Berserker saved her and then, and then, sadness.


The next show I’m watching this season is Nisekoi. Nisekoi didn’t have a very good first season in my eyes. It was mostly a typical harem anime with all the clichés and not very funny jokes, but it had very high production values, a theme song by ClairS and Chitoge’s hair was to die for. Not exactly sure why, but I gave season two a chance. I’m very glad I did. Season two will undeniably go back to the same antics as season one eventually, but so far it’s showing some extremely good writing. The first episode of season one was my favorite episode that Nisekoi has ever done, namely the second half about trying to get the person you like to notice when you do something with your appearance. It’s so true. The other two episodes are showing a surprising amount of depth for Nisekoi,  especially the episode which featured the dynamics between Chitoge and her mother. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not the deepest or most original show, but it’s showing more heart then it did in season 1, and I’m currently satisfied with it.


There’s not really much to say about Hello!! Kiniro Mosasic. It’s a continuation of the first season. The first season was standard cute girls doing cute things, the second season is cute girls doing cute things. It’s not really a stand-out show for the genre, but I enjoyed the first show, and I don’t enjoy the second season as much (most likely because I’ve changed because absolutely nothing has changed in the show) it’s still enjoyable. You pretty much know whether you like these types of shows or not,and these types of shows don’t lend themselves to a whole lot of discussion. I will state though, I really enjoy the characters of the teachers. Especially the strict teacher who really wants to have a relationship with her students, but they’re all scared of her. I thought that was a great storyline, and really hope we see more of that character.


I think this going to be it for what I’m watching this season, but if someone wants to recommend a show to me go for it!

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  1. Huh, it seems this is the season of sequels for me too, with a bit of spinoffs on the side (Nanoha ViVid, Princess Precure, and Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu. The only thing I’m watching that isn’t is Hibike! Euphonium.

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