My Little Monster First Impression

Brains Base is great. They can take this bland concept and make it entertaining. Is it going to be one of Brain Base greats? I really doubt it.  Entertaining for a season? Possibly. Great first episode? Yes.

The first episode tells the story of a relationship in the span of 20-something minutes better the most series tell over a whole series. Probably because the relationship between the two characters doesn’t seem forced, but instead feels like two people helping each other grow. Shizuku is uncomfortable with the presence of any emotion in her life, and is unsure as well as self-conscious about her emotions. Haru on the other hand, is unaware what are proper boundaries with emotions. The two meet somewhere in the middle.

At the end of the episode, the relationship between the two ends in a comfortable spot, leaving the question of where to go. Probably the progress seen in the episode will be undone with Haru back to not respecting Shizuku’s space and Shizuku trying to block out her emotions, but maybe just maybe the show will continue further with developing the characters.

Overall, I thought the episode did an ideal job of introducing the relationship between the two characters. My big complaint currently with the show was there was no way to make it believable Haru was the top of his class. Not because of his quirks, but because of his absence.

That and Haru hitting Shizuku seemed to be taken very lightly. I don’t think I can understand her actions and it puts me in a weird spot. Needless to say, if this were a show about a girl in an abusive relationship with a guy, I’d probably drop it, but it’s just one accidental punch/poorly handled plot point so far. It’s still far more watchable then the Rhianna/Chris Brown drama.

Heck, it seems more watchable then a number of shoujo shows out there.

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