Never 7

Never 7 is a significant game. Originally called Infinity 7, Never 7 started off what was called the Infinity series  which includes Ever 17, Remember 11, 12Riven, and Code 18. These stories often feature sci-fi elements.

It’s easy to see that Never 7 was pretty good back when it was released in 2000. However the game doesn’t have a skip text feature beyond skipping through already read text and just skipping to the next choice. After two routes, my sore wrist had enough of playing.

Still, if you want to you don’t mind the lack of a skip function, then feel free to play. The story itself is okay. It’s not amazing, but given how short the visual novel is, it’s tolerable. It’s definitely a throwback to the era of early 2000’s, and serves as a reminder of how much character designs and story-telling has changed since then.

I’m just going to be glad we have skip functions now.


Download Never 7 here.


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3 responses to “Never 7

  1. You’ve played the Infinity Series? Awesome. I actually wanted to read more about Never7 without spoilers.

    I’m actually in the final route of Ever17 just holding off finishing it until I put as many parts together before reading the solution. After reading so many reactions I’m hyped for the super, mind blowing, spectacular solution I’ll get to read. But yeah, it’s going to be a while until I finish it.

    I skimped through Never7 just to checked it out when the patch was released. What had me laughing out loud was the rainbow colored textbox. It was soo gloriously fabulous, very distracting to follow the story. Bummed to hear the story isn’t that amazing but considering when it came out it was probably more amazing back then.

    After finishing Ever17 I’ll probably pick up Remember11 then finally Ever7. I read that Remember11, though not perfect, is for many the best of the three and for others Ever17.

    • Never 7 had some neat ideas thrown into a basic story, and I can see what they expanded on for later games.

      Right now I’m trying to decide whether to play through Ever17 or Little Busters!

  2. Post a follow up on your impressions are of either vn. If you do play Little Busters, please skip past all the girl routes… Have you tried Muv-Luv? Why must all these VN’s have similar loop plots?

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