Shinsekai Yori First Impressions

With the start of a new season usually presenting the worst things first, and A-1 Pictures being a mixed bag, I found Shinsekai Yori a nice surprise. The episode didn’t blow me away exactly, but it didn’t horrify me either. Shinsekai Yori opens with enough potential to become something.

The biggest flaw with Shinsekai Yori is that it seems to be trying out the same old story of the ideal village with something sinister going on underneath. Although the village seems sinister from the start with the coming of age ceremony and just becomes more so from there. Luckily, if the source material is anything to go on, this plot line won’t be stretched out the entire show, as it’s one that would become tired fast.

Otherwise, most of the show is marked by an okay. The characters aren’t too terribly interesting, but they work. The world is shrouded in mystery, but just interesting enough. The eerie atmosphere is bit of a hit or miss, but comes at the right moments, and does manage to build on the atmosphere that this is not a happy place to live.

They’re fated to be eaten by their hair, after all.

On the plus side…people exploded in the first episode. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but people exploding with blood splattering  is still one one way to get a viewer’s attentions. Just imagine how that would have shaken up K-On!

The most notable thing about the show is the art. It’s gorgeous. The artistic direction is used to enhance the show and makes the okay much more interesting to watch. I think it’s on of A-1 Pictures best efforts so far. Although the art will only get the show so far if there’s not much else.

I have my reasons for my apprehension. Going on to MAL and looking at the description (spoilers) should explain why. The show looks like it will be taking an unique direction that I’m not sure about.

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2 responses to “Shinsekai Yori First Impressions

  1. Blood splattering plus K-On sounds like mixing it with High School of the Dead…

  2. The exploding people in the first part of episode 1 somehow made the impression of a post apocalyptic scenario of people losing control with their new telekinetic powers. I found the ones where a group of people suddenly got squeezed out of their bodies too graphic. And then we see a “thousand year” fast forward in the scenes. I guess the premise of the series is about human telekinesis gone out of control and people with such gifts are being isolated from society as a whole. Children with these abilities are being carefully watched and as they grow up, any signs of violent or erratic tendencies in their psyches are dealt with right away, as mentioned by the character Saki’s mother, she doesn’t want to lose any of her children anymore. Implying that Saki is not an only child and had siblings who were disposed of early on. One thing of note is the rumors spread in their Harmony school about graveyards within the school grounds and lastly, Reiko’s disappearance at the end of the show. Reiko showed poor control over her abilities, which might have led to her disposal.

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