Madoka Magica Online is Surprisingly Fun

Madoka Magica is anime which has been marketed beyond the point of death. At this point, it may be looking at being in the league with Evangelion in terms of marketing. So it’s hardly surprisingly that it has a freemium online game, which at this point is now open to everyone.

The game, despite it’s simple format, is actually quite addictive and a lot of fun.

This is my character. She is really damn cute. Any dissenters will be cut into little pieces.

I’m not quite sure what the story is due to whole thing being in Japanese. This is your own personal timeline and your some loli who wished to be underage jailbait forever. Good news your wish came true, bad news, it was a bad wish because it would happen anyway.

As a new Puella Magi, the character starts out with basic gear and 50 actions and is sent to to the PvE overview to pick a maze. Each maze is divided into stages, and each stage has your character traveling a board loaded with goodies and traps. The stages cost action points to traverse. These are either recharged through two ways–by time passing, or by leveling up.

At the end of the board is an enemy to fight. In the stages leading up to the final stage, these are all minions, and in the final stage, the player fights the witch herself.

After defeating the enemy, is the loot, which is the motivation to play. The loot are various cards which can be equipped as well as sold or combined with each other dress up and power-up the pullea magi.

The main item received are Kyubey Tickets, which are tickets used to gamble for hopefully rare items, and how most of the items in the game are obtained. There’s a common raffle, a rare raffle, and I think a pay-only raffle.

It’s in this constant gambling for items that makes the game addictive. The big win is just around the corner. I just know I’ll win an outfit and my character won’t look like she’s running around in her nightie anymore. I’ve lost all control of my life.

Now, the game is all in Japanese, but it’s mostly uses pictures, which makes it pretty easy to figure out. I mean, I can play it. It has to be easy. This page  is very helpful for helping translate.

Let me know if you decide to give it a try. I have no idea how to add friends, and the extent of PvP is picking random opponents in your rank who the computer controls and will kick your ass because they are at the point in the storyline to have the whole Madoka team, and you aren’t, but I’d like to know what other people think!


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7 responses to “Madoka Magica Online is Surprisingly Fun

  1. I registered earlier this evening, but the game keeps stalling when I try to load a maze. I’ll have to try again later.

  2. Ugh I’m trying to sign up and I signed up but can’t get to the actual game.

  3. Reply to both of you–they’re doing maintenance right now. Try again tomorrow.

    • Yeah, that’s what I saw when I attempted to try again later. It made me sad. 😦

      Then again, had it worked then, I don’t know how late I would’ve stayed up, and I do kind of need to go to work and get paid… ^_^;

      • Aaaand from the looks of it, the fact that I was using Chrome might have been why it wasn’t working for me earlier. Ah well, that’s why I keep Firefox around too.

  4. Huh, it’s worked for me on Chrome.

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