Nazo no Kanojo X first impressions

(Most of this post was written two weeks ago when I’d watched episode one. Then it took two weeks to get this up because one of my closest friends decided to dump me. Over one thing. Yes, I asked him. It because I told him he was being a dick. Short story is, even though this was the meanest thing I ever did to him and the result of him being nasty to me, he just believed that while friends don’t insult friends even if they don’t realize it’s an insult, and they don’t forgive friends for making mistakes. Cue emotional breakdown/personal crisis/ and two weeks of me being too depressed to do shit as I’ve been really hard to clean up my act and be a better person, but I’ve done too much work to not post it.)

Well, you know how the story goes. Boy meets girl. Boy becomes interested in girl. Boy tastes and becomes addicted to girl’s saliva…okay, more like the typical boy meets girl story with a fetish shoved in because this is a Japanese anime. That fetish is, well, saliva.

However, this is a case where the fetish fanservice, but doesn’t consume the show but rather it’s a side note to the story. An awkward side note, but side note none the less.

Let’s see, a little boring backstory, Naze no Kanojo X also known as Mysterious Girlfriend X is adapted from the manga which has been ongoing since 2004. Which is quite a bit manga to say the least, but the series is only suppose to be 13 episodes long.

The first thing that stands out is how much of a throwback to the older days of anime this series is. The animation is reminiscent of the style of the early 2000’s. I definitely had a strong feelings of nostalgia as I’m reminded of my days of getting hardcore into anime in middle school when most of the stuff available over here was from then…wow, I feel a little old.

The story of Nazo no Kanojo is a love story between the main character and the girl who just transferred in his class. It really isn’t anything special, but it’s really touching. It’s the story of a boy and girl falling in love for the first time, as we follow the character through his dreams, the ripping of the pictures, and his confused feelings, it feels very much like the feelings of being in love for the first time.

I’m 20. My first relationship was 14. Those feelings are far behind me. But being reminded of how magical, strange and scary that time was, well, it gets me every time. Weird fetishes aside, I think I’m going to like watching these kids.


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3 responses to “Nazo no Kanojo X first impressions

  1. You’re friend stopped being your friend after you called him a dick? hahhaa

    i’ve gotten into actual fights with my friends and went golfing the next day. You’re friends a little bitch.

    Anyway, I’ve said this for pretty much every single first impressions post of Mysterious Girlfriend X, so why stop….


    And I called it ages ago.

  2. Sorry to hear that you were having issues with your friend.I hope that somewhere down the line you guys patch things up. Nowadays a great friend is a hard thing to find and an even harder thing to keep.

    But back on the subject at hand…I have to admit, about ten minutes into the first episode, I must’ve said “Ewww….REALLY?!” several times. I had no freaking idea there was such a thing as a drool fetish, and I’ve been in the anime game for sometime now. But hey, I don’t judge! I’m really liking the relationship between the main couple, and I am facinated to see how it will all play out. This is one show that I will be sticking with to the bitter, sticky, slimy end.

    Oh yeah, I’m really liking your blog…following!

  3. Who has that much saliva in their mouth? 0_o

    Seriously, it looks like she’s puking.

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