Upotte!! First Impressions

Summery (from Black and Blue Socks): In a school where girls are either brainwashed to believe they’re guns or an androids built to be fighting machines, we learn that guns have sexual desires too.

If there’s one thing Xebec can always be counted on to bring me season in and season out, it’s either the boring or the ‘What the hell Xebec?” Here’s an anime (which an adapted from a manga) with an interesting concept. The girls all represent guns. Unfortunately, the coolness for me ends there.  The show went on to be pretty much about the character FNC thinking about sex, and everyone talking about sex– with all these double entendres involving guns. There’s some other things but for the most part. That. Is. It.

I’m sure there are people out there who absolutely love this, and think this is delightfully cute and funny, but man, to me, this was just dumb. I can’t see a hardcore gun person being anything but mortified unless it’s a gun fan that also loves horny high school girls.

If I wanted to watch a cute girls being cute girls, there’s better shows even airing this season in my opinion. Not watching.  And yes, I’m pissy because I think this could have been cool. I am big a fan of Gunslinger Girl, and I liked the segment where the girls were educating the viewer about one of the guns. This could have been something interesting and original, looking at explaining why these girls are guns, how they ended up this way, what it means for their day to day, etc. Instead, it’s just otaku pandering shit.

TMI Xebec, TMI

Seriously, I wonder what they’ll do with this whole show. There’s only so many different ways one can say things as, “I’d take off my safety for him,” (if you know what they mean viewers! *wink nudge wink*).


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4 responses to “Upotte!! First Impressions

  1. Yep. I will probably not continue this, but I convinced myself that I’d give it one more episode, just to see if it can actually be gutbustingly funny. I doubt it though.

  2. Lol at the part where you describe “sex about sex about sex”. I think more of the animes these days are concentrated more on Lolis, Moe and Ero. I’m planning to watch it but it seems that your words are moving and I have to pass on this.

  3. They’re not hypnotized. They are literally, guns. They are actual guns. They don’t represent them: they are them. Their bodies function like guns. Their personalities resemble the guns. They are the gun’s soul and essence, and body.

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