And Everything Else Falls Down-In the Wake of Losing Megaupload

Also, this is why the world hates America.

Technically, it's not the same thing, but it's part of our government's agenda to stop piracy.

I remember talking with my family how the business’s supporting PIPA/SOPA were pissed about Internet Blackout Day. One of the accepted facts about the American government is that big businesses bully the government into getting whatever they want. That’s why they have so many loopholes and less taxes and if you live in America, you know if, if you don’t I don’t know if this is going over your head.

Basically, we let these big business do what they want, and they are happy. They let us go on with our lives. But we put our foot down, and didn’t give them what they wanted because they asked too much. They can’t deal with the answer being no. So now they’re playing dirty to get what the want. Thing is, I don’t know how much of what they’re doing is legal, and how much is gossip and speculation. It’s not transparent beyond “we took down Megaupload.”

And of course, other file-sharing sites followed.

Animetake shows the currently standing.

Now take away all my DDL sites. Since the guys responsible for this shit think anyone who knows how to use the internet is a nerd, I doubt they know what a torrent is. Plus, there’s still another way to “pirate” stuff. It’s called the library.

But it’s crippling in another way that pisses me off. I play a lot of The Sims 3. The only way The Sims 3 is playable is with mods, and there’s a lot of custom content that makes the game more exciting. How do users get this content? Direct Download is the main source. Not to mention other computer games custom content.

And it goes beyond that. I could list other things, an unknown artist putting a free download, etc. In truth, it seems to me that taking file sharing away from the internet takes away a lot of creativity from the internet rather then successfully stopping pirating.

Plus, we’ve shut down file-sharing for most of the world. Which hasn’t really made anyone happy. It’s a good thing Kim Jong II died, or we would have been nuked for keeping him from his newest megavideos.

But it’s all worth it as long as the business’s win, right? Because it’s all about reminding us who’s really in power? Even if they’re in the wrong, and we’ve told them what they’re doing won’t work, that doesn’t matter one bit.

On that note, this has really inspired me to pirate things just because I’m so pissed. I’m such a rebel. And not going to last in prison.


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7 responses to “And Everything Else Falls Down-In the Wake of Losing Megaupload

  1. My life is over. Anime has died for me.

  2. Karry

    “Also, this is why the world hates America.”

    I dont think there’s anyone who hates America. Just the USA bit. The rest is mostly fine, internationally, with the possible exception of Colombia.

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  4. That was one effective blow, not because of Megaupload but because of all the major file-sharing sites that limited their services immediately after.

    But it also reminds me of the manga site crackdown from a while back – it rattled the manga scan world for quite a while, but eventually things got back on track anyway. More people might switch to torrents, or else file upload sites outside the US might benefit, but it’s still possible that the Internet will just get over it and be back to normal in due time like it has happened in the past.

  5. What business do you believe is responsible for the MegaUpload shutdown? This was done by the FBI.

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