Megaupload is Down–The Battle Begins

Perusing /a/ today, one might noticed people are well, they are as pissed as usual, their pissiness is sorta in one direction. If you peruse other places on the internet, there’s outrage there as well, although it may be slower to sink in.

Seems Megaupload go shut down. Even though nothing has passed yet.

Can’t say that Megaupload going down affects me much. I didn’t use it for anything beyond downloading Sims Custom Content. Which really…wasn’t illegal.  But who cares.

What is disturbing about Megaupload going down is that it shows they’re serious about this SOPA/PIPA shit. They don’t know what they’re doing, but despite the American public hating it, proceeding just as planned. It feels like a big “Fuck you” to us, the voters, and makes me wonder if any amount of protest would stop the bill.

On the other hand, yesterday’s blackout has sent a message to Capital Hill. Politicians are scaling back or taking away support completely.

There’s the question of whether what happened to Megaupload is really a sign of what’s to come, or if Megaupload slipped up in a way that allowed themselves to be caught, and this would have happened no matter what.

Just have to wait nervously for what happens next. Meanwhile, the feds have to deal with the angry internet. Have fun with that.


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5 responses to “Megaupload is Down–The Battle Begins

  1. Supposedly, Anonymous hit a bunch of sites in response to the Megaupload shutdown.

    It’s kind of sad since Megaupload seemed like it always gave me the best speeds out of any download site, but there are others. The implications of this are disturbing, though.

  2. Today we stand here to bid goodbye to our dear friend Megaupload.

    -insert bloom face-

    Can’t believe this is has happened:

  3. Au contraire, the battle has begun long ago, and we are still keeping up the good fight.

  4. Actually, the shutdown of MU and the proposed SOPA/PIPA bills are somewhat separate issues, although they do center around some of the same ethical questions.

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