Now That The Internet Blackout is Past…

I’m pretty sure everyone noticed what happened yesterday. In opposition to SOPA/PIPA, many major and minor websites posted in opposition of SOPA/PIPA, from shutting down their entire site (Wikipedia, Nuzlocke forums) to blacking out their site (4chan) , to making statements that couldn’t easily be ignored (Google, Shortpacked, XKCD). Even right now, I’m watching last night’s Daily Show episode which I missed due to being sick, and they’re talking about SOPA/PIPA.

I hate to say this, and I mean  really hate to say this, but stopping piracy isn’t necessarily  a bad thing. But SOPA/PIPA isn’t the way to stop it.  Here at Black and Blue Socks, we’ve been against SOPA/PIPA since it’s been introduced, and will be making a statement against it as long as I can.

The two big problems with SOPA/PIPA.

1.) It’s basically has the government saying “We want all this power pretty please, and we promise not to abuse it.” Yeah, and the government is good on keeping it’s promises.

2.) It’s so vague. Theoretically my and other American blogs could be in trouble for using copyrighted images. I think? It’s really really unclear. The people who wrote the bill know nothing about the internet. The Daily Show was having fun calling out the people who wrote the bill describing people who know this stuff as nerds.

It’s been funny watching the government try to make the people fall in love with the bills. There was a commercial on tv talking about how wonderful the bill was. It was pulled in less then a day. That’s special.

PS: Sherrod Brown, guess why you’re not getting my vote? For supporting PIPA.

Here’s my favorite internet created media about SOPA/PIPA, Hitler on SOPA

Article which includes The Daily Show SOPA/PIPA Segments

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  1. I have to agree with you on that statement. Sherrod Brown will not be getting my vote. It will take some convincing though to change my mind.

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