Knight in the Area First Impression and The Failure of Soccer in the United States

Except in the United States, with the exception of the world cup.

The last time I watched a soccer/football anime, I didn’t watch beyond the first episode due to illness. I’d like to go back and finish it someday, as it ended up with mostly positive reviews. Already having one soccer(I will use my lame american terminology) anime to watch doesn’t make me excited about the prospect of picking up another.

But I heard some good things about the manga, so I figured I’d check it out.

The first thing that hit me was when the episode opened was the main character was gushing about soccer, I had no idea what he was talking about. I’m no avid sports fans, but I’ve heard people gush about baseball, football, basketball, hockey swimming, and even lacrosse on a regular basis. I know what people like and respect about particular sports. Never heard that about soccer.

I don’t know if other places in the United States have the same view, but in my region, soccer just doesn’t have much respect. If you play soccer, you do it to get exercise, social reasons, or to help make the college application look good and maybe a scholarship. It’s thought of as a fun game, but not something serious.

With Giant Killing, it was easier to get in the groove as the team wasn’t respected, and the goal was to turn the team into something that could be respected. Here, to have respect right off the bat, is just hard.

I did like the show though. I found the character conflicts to be interesting. We have the two characters, the star soccer player in Japan, and the younger brother who became manager after something happened.  I’m not really sure if it’s because he can’t face the sport again after failing once, or a little PSTD, if  it’s more complex then that. He may really believe that he lacks the skill to make pursuing soccer a viable life choice, and believes it’s a better use of his energy to support his brother. One thing is clear though, our main character isn’t happy with the selfless thing.

What’s certain is that our main character believes when it’s him against his brother, he can’t win.

The main character’s unhappiness, and choice to quit soccer pisses big brother off. He believes that his brother should be playing soccer, and thinks that the only thing going on is he’s running away from his problems.  This has caused big bro to resent little bro’s efforts to help him and raised tensions between the two. However big bro might also being doing a tad of jumping to conclusions about little bro.

Get all that Bro?

Yeah. Anime where there’s depth to the main characters rather then them being standard cliches, and I actually have to think about it. That’s enough to get me hooked.

Otherwise, wow this felt like something from the oo’s. When I went and found out that the manga had started in 2006, I wasn’t surprised at all.


Hell yes!


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2 responses to “Knight in the Area First Impression and The Failure of Soccer in the United States

  1. As a NE Ohioan by birth I don’t respect soccer at all. I’m not much of a sports anime fan to begin with but I decided awhile ago that I’m never going to watch a soccer anime. 🙂

    • I’m not much of a sports person, but I like sports anime for some reason.

      But but, you have to see Giant Killing’s polka op. Don’t have to watch the anime so much.

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