Listen Girls, I am Your Father! First Impressions

So my first step into the winter season ends badly. I was downloading anime, not being aware of what I was downloading, and the fact I download a Feel anime blindsided me.

I could keep it short and sweet. Gay guy finds his sexuality challenged when he’s put in the position of taking care of his sister’s kids. They will take care of him and place him in all sorts of hilarious and supposedly titillating situations until he’s straight. The hot college chick he met will step in as the mom, and he will learn the joy of having a family, until someone calls child services and explain to him that being a dad doesn’t mean getting turned on by your daughters. (Some of this is true. Some isn’t. Unfortunately, it’s the parts you wish weren’t true.)

It’s a wish fullfillment anime for the guys who enjoy that sort of thing.

I'm sorry, but if you're spoonfeeding/being spoonfed by your roommate, you're either deathly ill or there be something more going on.

But I came across this review on MyAnimeList went I went to record this anime as forever dropped, I found something that described what the viewer was in store for far better then I ever could.

I hope this is a joke. If least he's a good writer?

According to my psych class, it’s considered false that one can repress their memories as it’s never been proven. I hope in the case of this anime, I can repress my memory.


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7 responses to “Listen Girls, I am Your Father! First Impressions

  1. Ritsuioko23

    Whoa black and blue socks?! Where’ve you been man?! I haven’t seen you post anything since August!!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to comment here for awhile now but I’m always getting distracted by something else. Your blog continues to be one of my favorite anime blogs.

    Thanks for posting this. I might have decided to watch this in the near future because I like to try to watch at least one episode of all the new anime. I’ve found some great anime that way but this show wouldn’t have been one of those.

    I wonder; is it possible to drop an anime in MyAnimeList without telling it you’ve watched at least a single episode?

  3. Silver

    Lol! I think you might get it wrong. As I have followed the story well so far, I can at least tell you know he will never have that sort of interest with those three girls. Also expect drama but if you’re not into drama/comedy then this won’t be for you.

    • Since there’s none of my own original content in the post, my reply will have to come from someone else on 4chan

      >Parents in the way of faux incest MISUNDERSTANDINGS
      >Kill them off in a plane wreck
      >Take a whopping three minutes at the end of episode to deal with the grief and shock


      But even if nothing would ever happen, there are a lot of misunderstandings. Which isn’t my thing.

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