Black and Blue Socks hits year 3 and New Year Resolve

I missed the exact date, by long story short, my blog is three years old. The popular theory is most blogs will live for two years, then die, and a new generation of bloggers will spring up, by not having quit at year 3 I broke the trend.

I sorta thought it would be more exciting to hit year 3. I’m also not really sure that I deserve to be called “alive”. Due to my long breaks, then a posting spree, I feel like I’m a zombie blog, neither dead nor alive.

Part of it is I’m developing my own life and going in my own direction. I have a life beyond sitting around all day, watching anime or doing whatever I do, and talking about it. I’m developing a social life, I have two jobs, and I’m in school full time. Not to say I’ve quit watching anime completely, but I don’t have time like I use to. I could stay home and blog if I wanted, but it’s fun to go out and play Shadowrun or D+D or just chill with friends and watch old Godzilla movies.

And part of it is with health problems, I’ll disappear for months, come back, and everyone else’s lives have moved on. There was a time I felt close knit with the blogging anime community, now I know few of the people left due to people coming and going, or building relationships with others when I was on the billionth sick leave. And I’m okay with that.

I use to obsessively keep up with everything online, now I barely even use Twitter or My Anime List. My life is moving beyond socializing through the internet.

So I may be here next year, or I may not. I’m going to take it as it comes.  I’ll blog whatever I feel like blogging. I’m not sure who’s still reading, but if you are, thank you for sticking with me so far. The one thing I’m sure of is while I may not be able to keep up with a twitter or anything else, I’ll probably have something to say here every so often for another year or so. Whatever direction year 3 goes, well the only way to go with Black and Blue Socks from here is up.



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7 responses to “Black and Blue Socks hits year 3 and New Year Resolve

  1. Congrats on making it to three years as an anime blogger. I just hit this milestone back in September and it has been a rough year for me as well. This year, I plan on getting back into the swing of things with AFC and I hope that both of us will be able to continue blogging about the world of anime for many years to come.

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to reading more posts.

    Andrew B
    Webmaster of Anime Full Circle

  2. Congrats for making the blog turn 3 and also in breaking the norm of dying at 2 years!

    I’m a bit saddened that one of my blogs couldn’t even make it to the 2 year mark, though I’m hoping things will turn out differently for the other one. The Otaku’s Blog just turned 1 itself but with high school coming to an end I know won’t be able to blog like I did when I was still a fresh newbie. Heck, I threw away my blogging schedule ages ago – life just doesn’t go as planned.

    But regardless, I’ll still be around (albeit my non-existent comments) stalking COUGH I mean browsing Black and Blue Socks every now and then 🙂 Good luck for the new year!

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