12 Days of Christmas Day 6: Pokemon Black and White

In March, the long running pokemon series released Pokemon Black and White here in America, introducing the fifth generation of Pokemon. Most surprising was that the series was not more of the same old same old but actually had matured in this rendition.

Pokemon has always functioned on the fact that the story and setting was really immature and didn’t really make much sense. With each generation it did get better, but at the same time, the cheesy nonsensical story was part of the charm.

Then Black and White came with fleshed out setting and story. Perfect? No. However it was a whole different level from what Pokemon had been. Rather then being a side note, the story integrated well with the game, and addressed the moral issue of battling with Pokemon.

Pokemon Black and White was a gamble. It was meant to be a return to the feel of the original games, and as such, the only Pokemon players could catch before the National Dex were fifth generation pokemon. The experience system and graphics were drastically changed, and there were other tweaks. At the same time, it did keep the charm of the old games, with touches like the bad teams being dressed up in knights outfits.

Yet the gamble did pay off, and Pokemon Black and White continued to keep the franchise popular.

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  1. Compared to the other Pokemon Games, the story was interesting compared to the other games considering that Pokemon Rights kind of resembles the state of the Animal Rights are heading… However, I was kind of bummed out with the battle rules becoming stricter than in Generation IV and the fact that you have to train up to level 100 just to use all 6 Pokemon. No custom rule sets and the lack of a VS seeker is a deal breaker though, makes everything tougher. But on the bright side, it’s easy to get any Pokemon from Level 1 to 50 in a few hours of training.

    But still, Generation V has a lot of potential, but more could be done to improve it. I hope in Pokemon Gray that they address some of these issues.

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