12 Days of Christmas Day 5: I Can’t Beat Cave Story

For Easter, I got a gift card to buy the DSiware games, and downloaded Cave Story. I haven’t been able to defeat Final Cave (Hidden). The DS doesn’t allow for the precise maneuverability needed to get through. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I also kinda suck at video games.

That said, Cave Story was a lot of fun to play. It’s a throwback to old side-scrolling platforms with the basic graphics and difficult level of play. Yet it’s strangely addictive, as dammit, it’s fun to shoot stuff, especially when it’s goofy blobs and bats and dinosaur heads.

Yet what makes Cave Story shine is the story. It starts out with our amnesiac hero sent on a “save the princess” mission in a whimsical world. Yet as the story continues, the world unfolds and slowly the player learns how the world came to be. Then when the game takes a turn for the dark, it takes a sharp turn, and never looks back. Cave Story is not a happy story, nor is it an easy one to digest.


The story is well supported by the cast. The main hero’s personality is dictate by the player’s choices , but the cast is, from the amusing with quirks and catchphrases to them masterfully executed by having issues and motivations that causes them to make the choices and take the actions they do. The heroes don’t always do the right thing and villains are sometime sympathetic.  Heck, you get to choose whether you want to do the right thing or not multiple times, and that dictates the ending the player recieves.

Cave Story started out as freeware game for the PC. It’s expanded to be Wiiware and Dsiware. Just now, the expanded and updated version of Cave Story is right now for sale with Humble Indie Bundle 4, which is for sale for 4 more days.  On top of the, a 3D version came out for the Nintendo 3DS, although I have no idea how well it plays. I prefer the 2D character designs.

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One response to “12 Days of Christmas Day 5: I Can’t Beat Cave Story

  1. I love that picture of Balrog. Huzzah!

    I’m kind of disappointed that the Nicalis version (at least Cave Story+) has him say “Oh Yeah!” instead…though it does make for some amusing Kool-Aid Man-esque moments.

    I can’t actually beat it either right now. I can get past the first few fights in the post-Last Cave sequence of final battles, but that’s it. ^_^;

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