12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Persona 4 Makes A Buzz

Before we go “Why isn’t this on time?” it’s worth noting I have an outside job I don’t talk about on here and when I do it, it eats up a lot of time.

Persona 4 is hardly a new game, having come out my sophomore year of High School, but it’s been creating a lot of buzz this year with all sorts of news surrounding it. I also finally bothered to sit down and play it this year.

This year has been a big year news wise for Persona 4. First was the announcement of the Persona 4 which began airing in October.  Now I’m aware reactions to the Persona 4 anime are mixed, but I enjoy it. I like what they’ve done with the Protagonist in the anime a lot, with the exception of teasing Kanji alongside Yousuke, and as long as I get Kanji, sexy and all, I’m happy. (He may not like girls, but I have the hots for him anyway.) I’m really not hard to please.

After that, Atlus would tease fans about something coming soon in the Persona 4. When it finally revealed, it was more then anyone expected, not one, but two Persona related games.

First off was Persona the Golden, an expanded version of Persona 4 for the Playstation Vita, suppose to be released someday. They have to get they Vita out first. The game promises more content, cut scenes, content for the battles and more as well as a new character who looks like she had a bad fashion day. Frankly I’m just interested in whether I can date Kanji and if we finally find out where the beef comes from.

Then the fighting spin-off game, already confirmed to include Persona 3 and Persona 4 characters, was announced. Called Persona 4: The Ultimate in the Mayonaka Arena.  I’m personally very interested in how the character selection turns out, and whether there will be characters from any other games.

I don't know which game this is for, but Naoto is looking good.

This year I also actually sat down and played the game. Second to Pokemon, it’s probably the game I’ve spent the most time playing this year. Right now, I’m in December. It’s not perfect, but it’s a really fun game where I really love the characters. It’s got the perfect balance of wacky, interesting, and at times heartfelt.

In the end, I haven’t played many games this years, but  I’m glad Persona 4 was one of them. It was well worth the time spent.


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4 responses to “12 Days of Christmas Day 4: Persona 4 Makes A Buzz

  1. I think that picture of Naoto is from the fighting game.

  2. The original game was really great, and I look forward to the anime each week. Really hoping the new games turn out just as well.

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