Picking Up The Pieces

After an lovely harddrive meltdown, my computer seems to be up and running, and finally back to torrenting. There’s a lot I still don’t have, such as needing to reset Windows Mail, Steam, a billion other things etc, but you know, at least my torrents are working again.


I had to see my immunologist this month for what I thought was going to be a routine visit. She asked me some questions and then leveled with me, for the first time going in detail about my condition and what was next. I thought from my last visit I was IgA deficient, but it turned out I am actually IgM deficient. IgM deficiency is so rare, it’s own condition instead of being lumped in with CVID. Long story short, I have reduced ability to fight off infections, viral and bacterial. As far as I can tell, it leads to better day to day quality of life, but a worse prognosis due to the lack of knowledge and it being harder to treat.

The main stresser was her saying that unless there are improved levels in the bloodwork, I’ll have to start getting monthly imouoglobian infusions. Which is going to lead to arguing with the insurance company, as each treatment runs $10,000 for an adult. Plus, I’m really scared of needles which are stuck in my body, and the process takes hours. Right now waiting on those results.

My doctor works very hard to be non-alarmist as she deals with conditions with varying degrees. She talks about what we’re going to do, not what could possibly happen, and doesn’t go into details unless questions are asked.

Still, anime watching is happening, and posts that are actually about anime coming soon.

Edit: After looking at blood test levels, the doctor decided to wait on transfusions. So I’m off the hook for the next six months or so.


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4 responses to “Picking Up The Pieces

  1. Hang in there! I hope everything turns out alright with your medical conditions~

  2. I’m really sorry to hear that. 10k a month seems awfully steep for a bunch of proteins that can be batch-grown by bacteria, but I suppose there are quite a few calibrations and a lot of very specialized labor costs to factor in. IgM is, IIRC, the very first of the immunoglobulins in your normal immune response, so lacking that puts you behind in your immune response.

    I hope you feel better soon!

    • Oh wow, you know a lot more then me.

      Part of the reason is the pay people to donate their plasma, so the cost covers that.

      And thanks, I have a sinus infection at the moment, but hoping it clears up soon.

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