This Time I’m Back For Good–If My Government Lets Me, That Is

As you know Bob, if you Bob are a reader of this blog, I constantly am not blogging and am complaining it’s because I’ve been sick, and promise I will return soon. Well Bob, this pattern happened again with something slightly different. I went to a different doctor, and they discovered I had a parasite inside my body. Which…is…uh…well, I didn’t believe it at first. Luckily, it was very easily treated once diagnosed.

Once the meds killed it dead, I felt better then I’ve felt since my Junior year of High School. I was left with a wee problem though. I was way behind in schoolwork for the quarter. No time for blogging yet, I had to buckle down and catch up. Now with the quarter ending for me tomorrow, I can enter a blissful existence of catching up and writing, right?

Talking about, I wonder what’s going on in the real world…I mean, I’ve been keeping up with the Republican primaries despite being Democrat as it’s by far the most engrossing reality show this year. When the producers came up with the concept, did they realize the trainwreck and awesome they had on hand? I needed something to be hyped about after Doctor Who.

Oh, wait, what’s this about American Censorship Day? Congress is what? Even worse? they’ve been trying to sneak this past the American public?

. Clearly this bill was put together by people who don’t understand what they’re doing…or understand all too well. After all, the only way to stop piracy on the internet is to stop all free speech on the internet.

This would be a disaster to me in at least two ways. One, I freelance write for a little extra cash online. Two, it would be much harder to watch anime. Unfortunately, it seems there’s no way the bill won’t pass, but on the plus side, it won’t be well accepted, and I know the America will do everything they can to fight it.

However I will vote anyone in over a president who signs this bill.

On top of that, my hard drive suffered a traumatic death, so it will be awhile until I watch anime again.

If companies want to stop piracy, this is not the answer. While it is a problem, there are a few issues. For one, they can’t force people to not pirate. Two, companies need to provide quality products if they wish people to buy them. This won’t fix everything, but it’s a start.

I hope if this bill passes, not only does the American public make their outrage known, but other countries speak up against internet censorship. If it’s okay in one place…more so, if it’s okay in one place that prides itself on free speech…


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2 responses to “This Time I’m Back For Good–If My Government Lets Me, That Is

  1. Well I saw my name, so I just had to read on…right? Haha.

    Living outside of America myself, I am not entirely sure what you mean by this “censorship” thing, and what kind of bill they are passing. If it is indeed something that restricts free speech on the internet, then I wish you all the luck in combating it. Truthfully, I find it hard to believe that a place that prizes liberty as America would even suggest such a thing. But, I digress. I do not know the intricacies (or anything at all, rather) of American politics.

    Also, congratulations on overcoming (or beginning to overcome) your illness. I wish you well on your road to recovery.

  2. That bill just isn’t going to work. We’ve already got a pissed off American public and you know it’d just get way worse with that thing in action.

    Anyway, I hope you can get back to anime soon! And I’m glad you’re feeling so much better!

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