Sena Has Won My Heart

My good news is that my internet is finally working reliably again. With such, I’ve finally watched the second episode of “Have Few Friends.” where Sena won me over. After all, she’s in truth, a girl who loves video games, and a girl after my own heart. If she weren’t so smug, maybe she could be my 2D BFF.

What's sleep when there are games to be played?

That moment of excitement when you fill in a name...

This conversation has happened many time in my relationship

I feel you Sena. The life of a gamer girl passionate about video games is a lonely one. That said, I would like this show a lot more if the two girls weren’t spending so much time being mean to each other. Yozora doesn’t even have a good reason to be picking on Sena the way she is. Due to that, I enjoyed the second half more then the first, as it had less bickering.

See? Videogames are great for your social life.

The show desperately needs a third character and fast, so Yozora can stop fixating on Sena. I’m so tired of hearing “Meat!” be thrown around. The bickering would be a lot more interesting, perhaps, if Yozora could find a new insult.

And yes, I’m late getting to this. I had games to play.


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6 responses to “Sena Has Won My Heart

  1. Based on the fact someone was hiding in the background of several shots (I think you can see it at the end by those columns), a new character will probably be introduced soon.

  2. But regardless of anything, Sena is MINE! So please there’s nothing to see here, keep walking. 😀

  3. At this rate I think Sena will go with everyone, since she wants….ahem, friends.

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