Persona 4 The Animation 02: Changing It Doesn’t Mean It Sucks

I don’t know if  I’m amused or embarrassed by Persona 4 fandom’s reaction to the anime. They seem to be so quick to criticize, and don’t want to pay any attention to what was done right. I’m having eerie flashbacks to Umineko over here…

Stop saying witches don't exist Naoto, who care what she is? She's hot. Erm, why is she laughing like that?

Yeah yeah, my rushed gimp skills could be better. Point is, for what Umineko was being crammed into, it was a decent adaptation. There are a lot of terrible adaptations out there if people want something to whine about. There’s a billion novels turned into movies, and heck, just watch Disgaea (although admittedly fab Prinnys) and get back to me.

When it comes to Persona 4 The Animation, I’m of three thoughts. 1.) It’s not perfect. 2.) They have changed things. 3.) Episode 2 was damn fantastic.

I’m kinda glad they addressed this. Not that I have an obsession with Yousuke peeing or anything, but in the game Persona 4, he doesn’t get to pee, days past, and Yousuke talks about how badly he needs to pee again. I was left wondering if he waited four days to pee or something.

I’ve heard negative comments about changes in the Yousuke shadow battle such as Yousuke didn’t pass out, blah blah blah. In my opinion, this worked so much better. If it had been done exactly as it was in the game, Yousuke’s shadow would just sit there while our hero pounded him with his Persona. Plus, more people laugh about how stupid the shadow looked then anything else. With the shadow jumping around and taunting Yousuke, that shit was actually creepy. Turning on the TVs to rub the salt in wounds made a powerful touch. Plus, it all came together really well, and made a lot more sense then “We’ll beat it up and all the sudden so and so will come to again and suddenly be willing to face their true self–usually with help with encouragement from yours truly.” Don’t get me wrong, what works for the video game makes for a fun game. However, this format was more entertaining in tv form.

Hehe, look at the Tree Frog...who just broke Yousuke's ribs.

One thing I’m enjoying in the show that’s the opposite of the game is that the show is leaning heavily on showing and relying on the viewers to connect the dots rather then telling. Persona 4 is essentially a visual novel/dating sim with RPG elements. Thus, they everything is explained to you in detail. Usually multiple times. To the point that as much as I love the game, I want to chuck my controller through the screen.

I really like being showing better then telling for a tv show. Otherwise, everything was better in this episode then the first. Better animation, better characterization, and so forth. It still has a rushed feeling, but at least the episode is better paced. I have to admit, despite the show pushing ChiexYousuke, and toning down the YousukexProtag relationship that was suppose to make Yousuke seem like your best bud–but just like you knew the plot in detail, the game used every chance it could to let you know how close you and Yousuke were–I keep snickering exactly the way I do when playing this game.

If only punching Yousuke was an option at times in the game...

Honest guys, I may have critqued Persona 4 a lot, but I really do love the game. I also love the bitching OP introduced in this episode.



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9 responses to “Persona 4 The Animation 02: Changing It Doesn’t Mean It Sucks

  1. Taka

    I haven’t read the video games but personally I would have liked if they’d given this series more breathing room. I would liked to have an episode better characterizing yousuke BEFORE we were confronted with his shadow self delving into all his flaws. That came almost (but not entirely) out of left field for me. The only indication I noted of yousuke’s insecurities was how the girl he liked kept brushing him off. Also the fact that the protag didn’t have to go through this kinda thing makes him out to be a larry stu. Anyway I guess maybe they want to focus on the mystery so they are rushing through the main chars getting their personas.

    • It makes me wonder just what they’re planning for the anime. There’s a lot of side content outside of the main story, so to see them going through the story at this pace so far makes me wonder if they’ll be including a good deal of it.

    • You’re right, but to be fair, he’s characterized just as much as he was in the game. Most of the characters face their shadow selfs/get their Personas before we even get to know them.

      And there is a reason why that didn’t happen to the protag. All will be explained.

  2. “When it comes to Persona 4 The Animation, I’m of three thoughts. 1.) It’s not perfect. 2.) They have changed things. 3.) Episode 2 was damn fantastic.”

    My thoughts exactly.

    I’m still having a bit of trouble understanding the haters. It seems that they just crave attention instead of being reasonable…

  3. As a big fan of the game, I can safely say I don’t really have an issue with things being changed. The only issues I’d say I’ve had are more related to the fansubbing end of things, and they aren’t a big deal in the long run. I’m pretty happy so far.

    Of course, I’m also pretty easy to please when it comes to something like this, so there you go. ^_^;

    • You’re not a good portion of the fandom, you’re a pretty chill fan.

      • Yeah, that’s true. I normally don’t pay attention to the wider part of fandom (outside of blog entries and whatnot), since I’m usually pretty happy to just do my own thing. Maybe that’s why I don’t understand what they’re complaining about?

  4. Love the Umineko pic at the top!

    I think having prior knowledge of the source material for an anime is almost always detrimental to the enjoyment of an anime. Which is why I’ve never really gotten into manga, visual novels, light novels, etc. as someone who wants to blog about anime.

    In the case of Persona, I’ve really tailed off on the whole video game front and only have the vaguest notion that Persona 4 was a video game before this anime started. As such, I’ve really liked the first three episodes alot. I do think the story is moving along quickly but the plot on this one seems lengthy and I’d prefer covering more of the plot then pacing it too slow and not finding out what’s going on before the end of the anime.

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