Hunter X Hunter First Impressions: There’s a Shounen somewhere that can still entertain

(Just in time for me to start posting again, my internet started acting up. Time Warner Cable is a bitch.)

Okay, so apparently I’m a horrible person for watching this and not the 1999 version. Considering I was six in 1999, when watching this was popular I had no idea how to torrent, and no idea where to find the 1999 torrents, I’m not concerned. True is, even if the original is superior, this is by far the best shounen anime I’ve seen in the past couple years.

Yu Yu Hakusho (also done by Togashi) was one of my first animes I really got into. I still remember that very fondly, and while I haven’t finished Level E (I have one episode left, but I want to rewatch the whole thing from the start with my mom) I also found Level E brilliant. I happen to really enjoy his works overall. Hunter X Hunter immediately comes off as a far more mature work then Yu Yu Hakusho. Which may be an odd statement to make with Gou as a main character

It’s hard to pinpoint what this anime has that so many shounen animes try and fail with. In the three main characters, there are the archetypes seen in shounen anime, but while most of the time they’re really annoying, all of these guys are incredibly likable. Gou is the naaive reckless kid that always does the right thing, but at the same time, he’s so adorable, it’s hard not to love him. Kurapika is the full of himself intelligent brat, but he’s not so haughty that I can’t stand him, and to his his credit, he’s really damn smart.  Leorio is the idiot, but isn’t loud and annoying, actually funny, and honestly, very charming.

Plus, the side characters are used very well as our characters go through various tests to reach the Hunter exam. There’s the adventure loving sea captain, the flamboyant yet creepy old lady, and then the tricky shape shifting family within the woods, to name a few.

Awesome family is awesome.

There has been very little combat in Hunter X Hunter so far, but what there has been is fast paced and easy to get caught up. The characters actually look like they’re pulling off superhuman stunts and does make for intense moments. A lot of work is also put into building up that these characters have the skills to make them fighters rather then just having out there waving a sword and beating some goon up to establish them as being bad ass fighters. Yu Yu Hakusho the anime main thing going for it was it’s epic fights, so here’s to hoping that the same will be seen here.

One thing I appreciate is Togashi is he knows how to set the atmosphere. The characters actually feel like the heading to somewhere dangerous and that they’re probably over their heads. There’s none of this, “well he’s the super special whatever so he’ll be okay.” Togashi sets the mood so well, and fits in the right characters and the right amount of humor to keep the mood. It creates for a different experience then most shounen which are constantly be interrupted with over-the-top humor.

In the end, I still don’t know for sure what makes Hunter X Hunter stand out where many have failed. But maybe just a shounen that doesn’t assume its viewers are stupid, that yelling is all that’s needed to be funny, and they can get away with vapid characters as long as it’s showy or absurd enough is all I need.

Plus, Hunter X Hunter has a bitching EP.

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I think I accidently deleted most blogs impressions about Hunter X Hunter from my Reader.  Sorry guys, getting back on the blogging horse isn’t easy.


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