I Have Few Friends first impressions

I’ve seen the title of this translated to “I Have No Friends” and “I Have Few Friends”. I’m trusting “I Have Few Friends” unless someone can confirm for me it’s something different.

This show was something that was right up my ally, but at the same time I was expecting this to be barely tolerable fanservice parade. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed it a lot. Flawed, yes, but still a fun ride.

Tomo-chan is my next cosplay

One thing I enjoyed about this was the characters of Kodaka and Yozora. They’re based off sterotypes, but there’s more to them then their stereotypes. While Kodaka is being the straight man, there’s an insecurity to him as a result of I especially appericate that while Yozora is the bitchy guarded tsundere, she isn’t so bitchy that I’m completely turned off by her behavior.  I really enjoyed their conversation about making friends and found it interesting.

Admittedly, I also enjoyed a lot of the jokes as well. I’m still…very very young at heart. Yeah. That’s it.

Another plus to the show is the gorgeous animation. It’s very sharp and looks great. Even the male character looks attractive, and I can’t remember the last time (I think Durarara) the effort was put in to make a male character look nice. I approve of  this. The characters are drawn in a way very similar to Denpa Onna, which leads me to wonder if the same people worked on the shows. I just can’t be bothered to check as I’m not a staff person.

The main weakness with this episode was when Kashiwazaki showed. I really like her character design, and yes, she was funny. However compared to the other characters, she’s completely unrealistic and feels like she doesn’t fit in right. Plus, the fight between her and Yozora was the most cliched moment of the episode. How often have I seen two female characters share this very exchange? Enough as it is. Don’t get me wrong. Kashiwazaki may improve. For now though, she just doesn’t. I think her purpose is to show you can be have everything going for you, and still have trouble making friends. Although being full of yourself won’t help in the friend making process…

I love the butterfly headpiece.

Still, the topic of I Have Few Friends is a familiar one to me. The struggle to fit in and make friends, and trying to understand the social game. I’ve always been a super friendly person, but I’m not big on the friendship thing. Seriously. I’m content with a few close friends and spending most my nights alone after having been in social environment all day. A tried and true introvert I guess. It touches on a complicated and frustrating topic for me, although whether the show will take the topic seriously or make finding friends seem easy as other shows do, it’s hard to say.

To me, this show could go in three directions. It could be excellent. It could end up being terrible. Or it’ll just be okay. At episode 1, it’s too early to tell, but at least this show has this potential to be something.

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  1. Kodaka seems like he’d probably get along with Kyon, given how they both started talking to the weird girl in their class, only to get shanghaied into joining the new club she forms.

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