Persona 4 the Animation Episode 1

Now, I’ve played 3/4 of Persona 4, so I do have some knowledge of the game. I actually did enjoy the first episode. Had some gripes, but from the way I’ve heard some people carrying on, it sounds like the first episode is an nonredeemable mess. Oddly enough, it seemed pretty enjoyable to me.  I have no idea what the Persona 4 fans are mad about. I already know the obvious, that the game has to be cut down and presented in a different way, so maybe my expectations happen to be different.

Oh yes, the quality animators of Persona 4 are boycotting? Maybe the quality animators of Umineko need work.

This version of Igor is either drunk or hungover. Or both at once.

Gripes. My main gripe is with the animation, mainly the animation with the first half of the episode. It was unbelievably bad. It did improve by the second half of the episode, so I’m hoping that these bad animations moments won’t be too frequent. It’s hard for me to talk about this realistically with boycotting animators though.

My other gripe was that the dialogue was word from word from the game until Yu goes to school, and as I’ve started the game two times this summer, it was a bit boring for me, and I was worried that this was what the whole series  was going to be like. As soon as the anime started to do it’s own thing, I felt reassured.

Next thing you know, he'll want a hug.

I didn’t mind the beginning events of the series being rushed.  Personally, I always thought the first couple hours of Persona 4 were a little dull, and I think the right call was made to cut it short, and rush through to the interesting things.

When the episode finally got off script is when it really started to work for me. For one, Chie was given more dialouge, more to do, and really shone as a character. She always felt flat to me in Persona 4, but came alive in the first episode. I adored Chie in a way I never had before.

I liked how all the various side characters were introduced. It wasn’t anything special, but it worked, with the non-intrusive casual way characters came and went. If you have a large cast, this is how you do, not make a big fanfare every time someone one appeared on screen.

Teddy was very cute and definitely toned down a bit. I'll have to get back to you on how I feel about the translater putting in bear puns though.

The inclusions from the game with how the day passed and the eyecatch was nice. A little jarring at first, but once I got use to it, it really worked.

I even enjoyed the ending scene. I thought it was pretty cool, with Yu kicking ass. There have been comments about Yu’s lack of character, but I think they’ve got it wrong. He’s just a playboy going for the mysterious and unreachable attitude. After all, there was that striptease and wink he did for Yousuke. I assume he did it for Yousuke, and not Chie, as Chie, because Chie was unconscious, and you know those playboy types, a conquest is a conquest. (Note that I am not being serious here, and you will probably not understand what the hell I’m talking about without knowledge from the game. Hint: The protag in my Persona 4 game is named Sexy Beast)

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3 responses to “Persona 4 the Animation Episode 1

  1. I’ve been hearing “rushed” from several people, and I don’t get it. I’ve never played P4, but it seems like the episode was pretty well paced.

    With that out of the way: The main character has five lines, the animation is shit-tier, and the whole thing feels like a youtube video of the first twenty minutes of the VN.

    Including the date transitions and the stats was a good idea, but I don’t like how annoying background music plays whenever a scene starts (as if to say “look, this is where did this in the game, remember?”). In addition, the part where male friend #1 hands female friend #1 the CD seemed so artificial and badly adapted. You can’t pull lines out of a game and put it to corresponding animation and hope it’ll work – it doesn’t!

    Again, note that I’ve never played the game. I’ve played P3, though! (And if my arguments don’t apply because, say, the CD scene wasn’t in the game, then that just means this show is terribad in general – as opposed to a terribad adaptation)

    I don’t see how this could make a good show.

    – ranting madman

    • To be honest, I have the same expectations of this that I have of any adaptations–average of best. But Persona 4 has one of my biggest video game crushes, so I’m excited to see him.

      People are saying it’s rushed as events were left out of the first two hours and omg not everything was adapted. But realistically, things have to be left out.

      The protag in the game is mostly silent and him being empty is important to the plot, so I don’t think the directors know how to handle him, and it shows.

      I’m not expecting a lot, but as long as they don’t mess up Kanji, I will be happy.

  2. As far as I can tell, whoever does the subs that Horriblesubs uses appears to be sticking closer to the US release of the game (bear puns, King Moron, and not mentioning Teddie’s name yet), whereas Doki appears to be going for a more direct translation (no bear puns, Morokin, and calling Teddie Kuma). It’s probably just one of those things that’ll vary between groups.

    I’m mostly interested in it because I’m a huge fan of the game, but I know full well that it isn’t going to be as good. I’m not sure what other fans are mad about either.

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