I Will Be Back For Fall Season, I Promise.

Hi guys. So this has sat…and sat…and sat…and I probably owe you all some sort of explanation. Long story short is I had another medical condition that flared up, longer story is below the cut.

And before someone asks why I have so many medical issues, I honestly don’t know. There seem to be two main issues, and everything else are conditions which come with it. There was the fibromyalgia diagnosis in February, and in May, I was diagnosed with CVID. This falls under problems related to CVID.

In the end, Black and Blue Socks comes down to this. My life goes through cycles of being well, sick, and well. Currently, it’s more often sick then well although slowly, as in the past couple years the doctors have been diagnosing everything that’s plagued me for years, and I remain optimistic that I will get to the point it’s more well then sick.

My summer started off busier then expected. My sister was home, and first we had house guests up, and then we went on a family vacation. I’m in job training right now.  But then I haven’t just been feeling well. There would be day after day of not feeling well, then for a few days I’d feel great. Overall, I feel better then I use to, but all summer, I’ve been sliding downhill with this feeling of being sick.

For a long time, I’ve had intestinal problems that the doctors don’t understand. I had to have my gallbladder removed when I was 16…but after the surgery, I didn’t get completely better. When I brought it up to my doctors, they said it wasn’t a big deal, and in March, they finally thought that I might have IBS flare-ups.

Well, last Saturday, I had some extreme symptoms that’s no one wants to know the details of, lots of pain and ended up in the emergency room. After that, the doctors started to take the issue a lot more seriously, and I’m right now in testing limbo. My blood tests to rule things out don’t come back next week. If they don’t find anything, it’ll be awhile. There’s some preventive things I’m doing for the time being that have been helping. That, and adapting to the fact my gut hurts 24/7.

But  the whole thing has forced me to slow time and take things more easily. I’m by nature a bit of a workaholic, but right now I’m trying to be super sensitive to my body’s needs. It’s a nasty feedback loop, I work hard until I get sick, take it easy, then get to working hard again. Maybe I’ll learn my lesson this time? I mean, if I don’t sit back and relax more, I’m going to be stuck watching Law & Order:SVU on painkillers in the ER, which is not fun, because they wheel you out to do exams during the dramatic scenes.

Right now I’m playing Persona 4 in preparation for the anime this Fall, and enjoying it greatly. It’s a huge game, however. Maybe I’ll try to write a post about the admittedly popular game soon.



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11 responses to “I Will Be Back For Fall Season, I Promise.


    just kidding… get well soon!

  2. That’s so rough…I hope that the tests will lead to proper diagnoses and treatments for you.

    I’ll be looking forward to your posts in the fall!

  3. Get well soon, can’t wait to see what you cover this fall!!!!!!

  4. If worst comes to worst, you could always move in with me and I could spoil you. That’d be a way to take it easy. 😛

    Still, hope you get better soon. I’d love to see a Persona 4 post from you, but don’t push yourself. 🙂

  5. I hope you will get well and have a speedy recovery. Also, don’t push yourself too hard.

  6. I’ve been missing your blogging and been worrying if your okay. I hope you don’t mind me being a bit selfish in hoping you feel better more often so you blog more. 🙂

    I think staying optimistic is probably the best thing to do but it’s not that I know what being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and CVID feels like. I eagerly await your return but don’t kill yourself 🙂 .

  7. Well don’t worry–we won’t forget you ya know! All we want is for you to come back feeling as healthy as possible 😀

  8. RP

    Yikes, hopefully they’ll figure it all out soon. Get well.

  9. AzarelHikaru

    Get well soon. God bless you. 🙂

  10. Joe

    I’m really sorry to hear about all the troubles you’ve been going through. I hope things improve for you soon. I know it’s got to be difficult, but try to focus on things you enjoy and to rest as best as you can.

  11. Jordan

    Well, I just found your blog today and so far it looks really interesting and I thought I’d leave a comment to let you know. Sorry to hear about your health problems.

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