Suggested Reading June 26th-July 3rd

Is this what I think? Yes, after a long break, Suggested Reading has returned. Woah Nelly! Next thing you know, I’ll be commenting on blog posts again. Spring Season ending, Summer season beginning, and a ton of licensing with someone even snatching up the big hit Madoka.


Spring Season 2011 (talking about spring anime, after all the hype I started watching Ano Hana. I like it. I really do.Despite my love of moeblobs, I can’t stand Menma and don’t get the hype around her. Give me Nessa Back.)

Yumeka reviews both Noitamina shows.

Hell is Sexy-Enma-Kun

Gosick final impressions

The Nullset’s Top Picks for Spring, Part 1

The Post-Cyberpunk of Stein’s Gate

Ano Hana

Of Kami and Buddhas: The Motivation to Placate Menma’s Ghost

An Anthology of Comments

Summer Season 2011 First Impression

Double J first impressions

Scamp dislikes Blood C

God’s Memo Pad doesn’t suck. But it’s J.C. Staff. They’ll mess it up.

Future Anime

Atlus puts out a full length trailer for Persona 4. I love Yousuke.

Ghibli’s next film

Past Anime

Oguie Maniax reflects on Kiddy Grade and Kiddy Girl And. Kiddy Grade sounds like the sort of thing I’d enjoy. Both series sounds like they’d make Scamp want to gouge his eyeballs out. I think we should make him watch it.

Feminine Wiles in FLCL at Listless Ink


Kimi Ni Todoke has been licensed by Nippon Ichi

Madoka is licensed by Aniplex

Funimation grabs Steins;Gate, can someone grab the VN now?


Canne’s Ask “Can Anime be A Lifelong Passion?” (I hope so. The idea of being in my job and in anime is too irresistible.)

Animephobia–The Fear of Anime

Megami Magazine volume 133


AnimeYume is nine years old

What Kind of Post Title Attracts More Readers?

Super Smash Bros and Non-Traditional Videogames

People Who Eat Darkness Review

The Magical Girl with Guns is coming to America, soon to be mascot of anti-gun laws everywhere.

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