Getting back into blogging has been hard. Maybe it’s because I’m out of the habit, or maybe it’s feeling nervous and as if my safe space has been violated. Not that I’m giving up. I have drafts I’m working on, and should have some new posts soon. It’s just taken me awhile to get going again.

My life, as life tends to, goes on. I had a sinus infection relapse, and this time, we found out the autoimmune condition that I have. It’s not treatable, but knowing the beast really makes a difference.

Regarding the summer season, I have one show I want to watch, but I’ll be focusing on catching up on shows that I’ve left unfinished, and just tie up loose end. Suggested Reading WILL return next week. If nothing else, that will continue.

I’ve also started a job that I can’t talk about online, but because of it, I need to start using a pen name online. I’ve chosen h.n. elly after the hikkomori-esque witch in Madoka. I’ve also taken down the Homura photos for identity protection purposes.  While I dislike change, I am thankful to God for this opportunity, and these adjustments are ones I’m happy to make. This is a new chapter in my life, and probably a new slightly different chapter for Black and Blue Socks.



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4 responses to “Updating

  1. Joe

    Good luck with your new job!

  2. Summer seasons were made for catching up =P
    and darn, the mystery surrounding this new job is now killing me xD but good luck on it~

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