Homura Cosplay, Marcon, and Back from Hituas

Well, I’m officially off hituas. The good thing was I finished the Homura cosplay on time. But it’s said at the con I was at, Marcon, that things will go wrong, and they did for my cosplay, so I apologize now for it being sub-par. But a lot of people thought it was cute, and while I was stressed out about it being imperfect at first, I remembered that cosplay is suppose to be fun, and then I calmed down and had loads of fun.

I wanted to base a cosplay after this piece of fanart as I absolutely love it.

The main problem that happened is I made my measurements, cut the fabric, and had a sinus infection and then a cold. I dropped down a whole size, and ended up with it being too big. On top of that, the snaps decided they didn’t want to work, so I had to get creative (yay safety pins), and the whole thing seemed determined to trip me up.

On the plus side, I know that what I want to improve when I redo the cosplay–which I will do before my next con, which is either next January or March. I’m a beginner sewer, but after this, I’m more familiar with capelet patterns. I’ll probably get a different pattern to get the effect I want. One thing I was able to find was a sport bra compressor at Target for around $15, which was fantastic as I’m a 34 D, and I wasn’t cosplaying Mami.

More like this

Otherwise, I have some ideas for remaking the coat. Due to time constraints, it was just a mock-up, next time it will be a properly lined jacket. And I will have a plush Kyubei. My black headband didn’t show up in photos, so I’ll get a purple one. And if I have money, there will be a wig.

Time traveler meets time traveler

The convention itself was enormous fun. I feel like this was the best that Marcon has ever been run. In a way, that was bittersweet as it was the last Marcon I’d be attending for the current time being. At least they gave me a great final memory, and for that I’m glad. I know there are people who disagree with me, but what can I saw. I guess after having been through anime cons that are absolute messes, I have a high tolerance and expect some hiccups.

I was doing five panels total, which slotted at a hour and a half each, kept me very busy. I participated in a panel on The Hunger Games, YA Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Woman in Sci-Fi, Who Would Win? (a panel that was basically match-ups) and I did a presentation on Recently Released Anime in America. Otherwise I went to the gameshows that my boyfriend was helping run. I think the only thing I made it to outside of that was one of the Confused Greenie’s performances.

Most importantly, I got to see people I don’t get to see very often, and that was probably the best part. It was fun weekend, and I miss my friends already. It was a fun final year. What I’ll do next, beyond a better Homura, I’m not sure yet, but we’ll see.


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4 responses to “Homura Cosplay, Marcon, and Back from Hituas

  1. Aaawww…you mentioned the gameshows. ^_^

    That panel on Who Would Win was quite fun. I still like my suggestions of Shinji vs. fandom (re: who would be whinier), and River Tam vs. Motoko Kusanagi.

  2. Custom cosplay plus 5 panels? no wonder why you said you’d be real busy— that’s insane xD
    Looks awesome btw~

  3. It still looks pretty good for all the issues you had with it! And what’s your next con? If you go to Ohayocon let me know! I have a few more coming up this year still and then next year I’m planning to attend around 9 or more.

    Sounds like it was a crazy-busy one for you this time though. I’ve never run more than 3 panels at a single convention (I think I’m doing 4 at Youmacon this year) and they’ve never gone more than an hour, so I can’t even imagine…you are a stronger person than I, haha.

  4. Never doubt yourself… your cosplay looks awesome even with the lack of a wig. While I have never cosplayed in my life considering how slender I am, it would probably be an enjoyable experience…

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