Have an Eevee TCG to Spare?

Hello everyone! Still alive over here, and struggling to try to get a my cosplay finished in time. Anyway, I saw this on my tumblr, and as a fellow Ohioan, as well as always willing to help out a good cause, I wanted to share this with my readers, and encourage anyone interested to participate.

Yesterday my friend Heather and I were informed by our good friend, local PTO, and owner of 330games.com, A.J., that one of our West Virginia members was diagnosed with Leukemia recently.  As she goes through her treatment and recovery A.J. and all of us will be sending a care package down to her filled with cards and trinkets of her favorite pokemon, Eevee.  All of us TCG players are currently sorting through our massive boxes of cards for all of our spare Eevee cards no matter how old they are.  We’re trying to get as many as we can to show our support in her time of need. It’s like 1000 paper cranes, but with pokemon cards and less folding.

Here’s how you can help if you’d like to:

If you’d like to donate cards 
– email himynameislph (@) hotmail (dot) com or hh269604 (at) ohio (dot) edu for the collection address to send them to.
-you can also bring cards to any Battle Roads TCG Competition held by our group or The Central Ohio CCG Dates for Eastern Ohio, Western PA, and WV can be found here.  Central Ohio CCG doesn’t have anything up, but dates up on facebook: The Gaurd Tower, ColumbusSandusky, OhioMansfield, OhioThe Soldiery, Columbus, Ohio, and Toledo, Ohio.
-Also if you are attending any other Battle Roads in the Ohio Area that isn’t listed you can email either emails listed above to see if we will be there.
– Any league listed on 330games.com will also be collecting since AJ runs those.  If any other league would like to be listed here please let me know.

If anyone needs to know Eevee was printed the following sets: Jungle, Team Rocket, Gym Challenge, Aquapolis, Skyridge, Sandstorm, Unseen Forces, Delta Species, Majestic Dawn, Rising Rivals, Undaunted , Call of Legends, WOTC Black Star Promo, POP 3

If you want to send a get well cards/art/something else
– You can follow the same instructions as for donating cards
– If you make a digital card/art you can send it to himynameislph (at) hotmail (dot) com or hh269604 (at) ohio (dot) edu and we will print it out and give it to AJ.

Word of Mouth
Don’t worry if you can’t donate anything.  Feel free to spread this post on your LJ, facebook, twitter, or anywhere else.  We want this to be as big as possible with cards coming from all over the world!

All packages will be due in our hands by June 10, 2010 because AJ will be heading down to WV on the 12th.

The TCG community is a very tight knit community and when something like this happens we are very devastated and like to do whatever we can do to help.  While one would think sending just a few TCG commons wouldn’t be much it will bring a smile to her face when she sees a package of all of those Eevee cards.  From the bottom of my heart I thank you for your help.

Aina_A of Deviantart

(art not by me. If you see your art here, and would like it taken down, leave a comment.)

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