Personified Pokemon

This is a picture post I’ve been wanting to do a long time, but just been, I dunno, trying to figure out exactly how to approach it. Pokemon fanart is a fandom where the artist explore every avenue (and I mean every. Don’t peek into it unless you have a filter on, or a strong stomach). One of the those avenues is the personification of pokemon. How personified tends to vary, some tend to still have some of the monster features like ears/tails/etc intact while others are completely human.


I’m not sure where the drawing of pokemon as humans started, although I can imagine it has been happening as long as the games have existed. The idea of pokemon as real human companions is too irresistible of a possibility to ignore.
Munna, Musharna

I first became aware of the idea through the Pokedex project on Deviantart. It was a project that called for artist all across deviantart to draw pokedex entries for pokemon, except instead of in their monster form, they were to be in a humanoid form. At that point, pokemon mania swept all over Deviantart, and it felt like everyone participated in the project.
Lilligant, Whimsicott

However, I would stop using Deviantart as part of what was probably one of my mental breaks, and completely forgot about it. The next time I’d hear about it would be the term, ‘Moemon.’ Moemon, I’d come to learn, is a hack for the Firered Rom that changes all the pokemon into cute little girls dressed up as Pokemon.  And it produced a lot of fanart.

After the Moemon craze, it seemed to me personally, that drawing pokemon as people continued to be extremely popular.

Most personified pokemon art follows in the spirit of moemon–cute girls dressed up in pokemon costumes. However among those are pieces of fanart that are more creative takes on idea. Taking time to look at art at personified pokemon can be extremely rewarding as in all honesty, some of the pieces I’ve seen are among the best fanart I’ve seen.

In this collection of personified pokemon there are pieces that are more of the ‘Moemon’ variety, and some that are more creative, but all I like that for one reason of another.

As always, I try to link back to as many images as I can, but this time, I’ve lost most of the links. They were all find on Sankaku though.


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10 responses to “Personified Pokemon

  1. You’re right about it being around since the first games. I remember seeing some of pikachu shortly after Red/Blue were released.

  2. Andrew Foose

    That is one swanky looking Litwick.

  3. I’m loving the first Chandelure and Serperior. =D

  4. These are great, thanks for sharing ^_^ They remind me of moemon except more detailed =)

  5. Really love these, I especially like seeing Chandelure and Lilligant personified. I browse for new pictures like this every so often, I like the idea and some of the art is very well done.

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