Pokemon Black and White Day 14

No, I haven’t forgotten about this. Between the new anime time and getting extremely sick, I’ve been a tad distracted. None the less, it’s still important to finish this as someone still needs to be taught a lesson.

Right after entering the castle, Sparkle runs into a blockade of sages spouting weird sayings. I don’t have to deal with for long, as Bianca already went to get help, and all the gym leaders of Unova come to bail me out. Finally! For once I don’t have to do something.

So now Sparkle is wandering around the castle trying to find N. Instead we wander into a room where two gorgeous babes offer to heal my pokemon, and wish me the best of luck with fighting N. It turns out they’ve been N’s caretakers and helped raised him in this castle. Charlie Sheen, I think you’re two goddesses have been beat.

http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/ja/post/show/1006549Otherwise, the castle is full of interesting little things. Plenty of Grunts cheering about how they’ve successfully pulled the wool over everyone’s eye and now is going to rule the world.  Some of the Grunts aren’t quite so sure though, and one has gotten really attached to their pokemon.

Then there’s N’s room, which is just, well, not what I expected. It looked like Toy Story–the first movie. I half expected the toys to start talking or something. Given how old N was, it was totally unexpected. The room was really cool though. I liked his train. I tried to take it and failed.

There was also the room full of scientists prepared to release Pokemon from trainers’ pcs as soon as the order was given. The bad guys are organized for once!  There was a PC Sparkle could use, so we tried to contact Professor Juniper and give her a head’s up. She congratulated me on how much of my Pokedex I’ve completed. Thanks for the support.

Continuing on to N. I bump into Ghentis, and he lectures about random things to me. Yeah, whatever man, I’m here to get to the meat of the matter.  I don’t have time for your intimidation shenanigans.

Then off to confront N. More blah blah blah about disappointed he is that I wasn’t the chosen one after all, and that I’m going to fail. This blah blah blah is much better, as it has awesome cut scenes that make use of dual screen. Heck yeah. N talks about how he’s going to kick my butt when the Dark Stone starts glowing. Zekrom appears, wanting me to challenge him.

So I caught him on the first try with a quick ball.

I’m a bit of a nerd when it comes to videogame storylines in that even if it isn’t required, I set things as the storyline suggests they should be. So when I have a chance to put Zekrom in my party, I went and added my new little friend to the party.

And then back to fight N. I did struggle with N on account of being totally unprepared for his Zoro-Sonic rip-off. In the end though, being the superior trainer with the ultimate piggys (and you know, the whole thing about no freeing all the pokemon), I was victorious.

Then Ghentis, who RUINS EVERYTHING, storms in, verbally abuses N, and then decides I have to challenge him. IOh, it’s on…I have been waiting so long to do something to you evil little sage.


Ghentis was all talk and no action. He went down pretty darn easy.

And then things all wrap up. The seven sages all escape because everyone in this world is incompetent. N flies off on his dragon, which makes me pretty sad. I wanted to be able to go pester and annoy the guy every once in awhile. He was starting…to grow on me. I’ll miss you!

From here Sparkle is free to continue her Pokemon Journey. And there indeed is a lot more to do in the game. However, my journal of Sparkle’s journal ends here. It’s been fun.

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One response to “Pokemon Black and White Day 14

  1. thoughtcannon

    Funny story I bought, played, and finished White version between your Day 13 post and this one.

    Ghetsis was easy for you? He gave me hell. N was a pushover but without Zekrom Ghetsis would have owned me hard. I would throw him out to soak up hits while I revived my dead pokeymans. The hyperbeaming three headed dark dragon was particularly crappy. Especially since it had surf as well.

    My pokemone were under-leveled though my highest was like Zekrom who was 52 to by the end of the fighting. My lowest was in the upper 40s. I didn’t have too much trouble w/ the Elite Four except the ghost chick. However if they hadn’t given me the opportunity to warp to the Pkm center to buy more supplies I would have been absolutely screwed against Ghetsis.

    My lineup was (this is from the records. I’m not sure what lvl they were when I started):
    Zekrom – 52
    Serperior – 53
    Lampent – 51 (I should have evolved this dude)
    Seismitoad – 47
    Conkledurr – 48
    Reuniclus – 46

    I took out my Elektrik (whom I also should have evolved) for Zekrom.

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