Having Trouble Reading Black and Blue Socks?

New post as my old one had “comments off” and that really defeated the purpose.

With the large influx of comments I’ve had in the past five days I failed to notice that my spam filter was getting oddly full. I clicked on over to discover a lot of trapped comments from readers, a large amount stating they were having trouble reading the blog on their browser. It’s probably due to the layout change or possible tweaking of the layout by the creator; I don’t know for sure.

What I need to know is if people are still having problems reading my blog. I haven’t had any, but I’m not everyone. If so, I’ll start looking around for a new layout I suppose.

Thanks! Also, hoping to be back to blogging once again with my return today or tomorrow. Depends on how persistent the peeps I ticked off keep on being.

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One response to “Having Trouble Reading Black and Blue Socks?

  1. No problems (yet), just that sometimes the RSS feed displays a post twice. Can’t be helped.

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