C, the awkward screenshots that hit close to home.

This scene hit so close to home, it hurt. Unless you’ve lived under a rock when it comes to my blog, you know that not only do I live in the United States, but I live in the beautiful state of Ohio. Recently in politics, we had a bill pass that took away the collective bargaining rights of public works.

There’s nothing as devastating as the sound of a dream when it dies. I always wanted to be a librarian or run a book store, but as I lack business sense, a librarian it was. A couple years ago, the state cute direct funding to libraries, and this makes the situation even worse. Current librarians are struggling to get by. When they retire, there will not be a new job for a young person like me to take, but they will continue to limp along without that job position. To get an idea of the picture, look at this article.

I’ve always been heavily invested in this dream, and now when it comes to my future, I’m struck by a loss of direction and depression. Ohio has not only lost the library, but the whole public sector has been crippled. I need employment that will provide me with healthcare. I never wanted anything big, I just wanted a secure future on my own with my boyfriend and my possible future children. But even that appears to ask for too much. I don’t want to leave Ohio. My family is here. My boyfriend will probably end up the sole breadwinner, and I’m starting to explore the world of freelance writing and work, so I don’t think I’m entirely screwed, and I’m sure I’ll eventually find a job I can work (I’m going for a paralegal degree), but it’s not what I wanted.

Oh Ohio. What will we ever do? And why is our governor so deaf to this wishes of his people? If the majority had been okay with this, I’d probably grudgingly accept, but the majority of the state did not want this to bill to pass. And here we are. I don’t know what to think, it’s all a fog of confusion through which I stumble forward.


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12 responses to “C, the awkward screenshots that hit close to home.

  1. I have been increasingly frustrated with the politics, especially with the federal budget. The GOP and Tea Party seems to be out there to ruin the whole country by taking medicare, medicaid, social security among other things and give all the money to the rich… I know their draconian budget won’t even pass, but its pretty scary to see what will happen in 2012 with the next presidential election. Only time can tell…

    In general, politics in general sucks… too much partisanship and nothing gets solved.

    • Yeah, I haven’t been to happy with the Democrats, but they’re at least blocking the more outrageous Republican proposals. Sad thing is, I lean more to right, but because of the radicals, I’m scared of them right now. Luckily, they don’t have any good candidates for 2012.

  2. Joe

    What anime is this from?

  3. That sounds pretty bad, I hope you can find a way to make things work.

    @Joe: The anime is called “C”

  4. It’s an entirely depressing situation, I know. And that’s why I want to leave this country.
    The GOP is doing this to protect their own private interests, not those of the country, and that’s screwing everyone over.

    Enough leftist propaganda from me though, I really hope they either understand the importance of keeping the people educated or they’re thrown out of office before they can screw things up further. This just will not fly.

  5. Knee House

    Yes, this is a tough time for libraries. While the situation isn’t as bad in Washington as it is in Ohio, our county system has suffered through a temporary hiring freeze followed by a round of demotions & even some lay-offs. Other county systems have even been forced to close branches. I love working for the library, and hope you get your opportunity, but seeing how tough it is to get a job anywhere and how little you make considering the amount of education makes it hard for me to see it as a part of my long-term future as well.

    Of course, while recessions have such a negative impact on library systems the state of the times encourages greater use of its programs. When people have to choose between the latest hit novel–or favorite anime–or food on the table the choice is obvious. When they need job assistance or simply a computer with which to create their resume the library is also of great service, just as it is in provide a plethora of services for a variety of students. So, in times of great need libraries have to make do with fewer staff & funds despite greater use.

  6. The Government system is in need of immediate fixing or risk giving asa crap sack world of anger

  7. Janette, I know how you feel. I’ve been unemployed for over two years now. I even earned my Masters of Science (Computer Information Systems) in the meantime, but there aren’t enough jobs to go around.

    Regarding librarians: If you want to work at a library it really helps to have a Master’s of Library Science. I worked in the preservation department at the Stanford University library, but hit a wall, ‘cuz I didn’t have one. I also had a friend who got her MLS, and she went on to run the library for an art school.

    As always, best wishes.

  8. Mikhail Koulikov

    I’ve always been heavily invested in this dream, and now when it comes to my future, I’m struck by a loss of direction and depression. Ohio has not only lost the library, but the whole public sector has been crippled.

    Like I told you a while ago, ‘public librarians’ are only a small subset of librarians in general. There’s nothing that says you can’t end up in an academic library, or even go like I do, work corporate, and get in the money! So maybe the public sector is crippled; all that means is you have to start expanding your horizons.

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