Sket Dance first impressions

The story of a volunteer club that exists to help people, populated my misfits, and thought of poorly by the rest of the school. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. I’m really not sure why this concept is so popular, yet it just keeps on popping up. At least Sket Dance is simple to boil down, whether you like it or not depends on whether you like the type of humor in Sket Dance or not.

It reminds me a lot of Beezlebub, as the humor is based on overreaction, with screaming and flailing. It is better then Beezlebub though, and I will assure everyone of that. They don’t do one thing and assume it’s funny over, but rather throw in different situations. There’s also a serious element that’s not half bad.

Personally, I don’t like this type of humor at all. I don’t like screaming, and have a hard time finding it humorous.

The other part, the story, I was actually a little impressed by. Impressed that is wasn’t cliched and totally predictable, but that there was an actual attempt at a twist to try to make it different from the norm. However, the serious story isn’t strong enough to stand on it’s own. It really needs the humor.

Plus, that goggles and the universe scene was really stupid. Whoever thought of that should be sacked.

So I’m not watching. Other people liked it. I just didn’t. If overreacting and weird people are for you, then Sket Dance is probably your type of anime.

Other blogs impressions

Scamp said it was better then expected, but still wasn’t impressed. He really hated the BGM.

Fuu enjoyed it

Hanner’s found it mediocre

Just as Planned points out that each episode depends on how interesting the client is as well as the lack of dancing

Jubbz calls it a ‘Poor man’s Gintama’ enjoyed it, and says it’s best to just sit back and go with the flow.

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