Suggested Reading April 3rd-9th

So what’s going on in the world of anime can be summed up short and sweet. The new anime season has started, and many people are scrambling to watch somewhere between what they’re interested in, and all of it. It’s a very busy and stressful time.  Oh, and Madoka final airing date has finally been announced, with a double helping April 21st.

Personal Life, I remember reading a quote saying, when bad things come, they come in threes. I recovered from my sinus infection to discover I now had an infection in my eye, as that started to clear out, just today I was treated to the painful experience of an ovarian cyst rupturing. Back to the doctor I go. I wrote this whole thing with eye medicine in my left eye as my mom decided to go to bed at ten, and the medicine needs to put in with the aid of another person. Fuck my life. I can’t fucking see what I’m typing, and praying I don’t make errors. I’m a little stressed. Can you guess I’m stressed? Lazy formatting due to the fact that I can’t see. Fancy formatting back next week.

Currently airing anime

21st  Century Boy offers an interesting perspective on Hanasaku Iroha

Previously viewing anime

Behind the Nihon Review passes judgment on the winter season

Otaku Life reviews Sister Princess

Canne reviews My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute

Free Will, Mahou Shoujo, and Kyubei


GarGar reviews What A Wonderful World. I just checked it out from the library…


Mass Effect anime

4kids files for bankruptcy over Yu-Gi-Oh

Yamakan retires for now, confused why fans didn’t accept Fractale.  While it would have helped work on the ‘relatable characters’ thing, the ‘transitions’ thing, the ‘build-up’ thing, and how to shock up viewers without making them horribly uncomfortable or throwing in things that made no sense, the series would have been saved if you just explained why Clain’s mom was a water cooler.

Third season of Hayate the Combat Butler announced. I should watch the first two.

Disgaea 4 coming over in September

Persona 4 anime?


Preventing Anime Burnout

On a final note, due to the amount of negative comments the past few days–if you don’t like my writing, and are going to make sure that I see that you don’t like my writing, at least offer crit on how I can improve. In that case I’ll remember you. Otherwise, I’ll just forget you and move on. I don’t have time to remember none helpful critique of my work, and if I don’t know how to improve, what’s the point? However, I am always open to critique on how to improve.


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8 responses to “Suggested Reading April 3rd-9th

  1. Thanks for the linkage once again! Also totally agreed re: Fractale.

  2. …there’s going to be a third season of Hayate? Sweet!

    We should find out about the possible Persona 4 project tomorrow afternoon; that’s when the countdown on the Mayonaka TV website seems to end.

  3. Yi

    Nice suggestions. ^ ^

  4. If you plan on watching it the first series was 52 episodes, done by Synergy SP, and focused more on the humor of the series. The second series was 25 episodes, done by J.C. Staff, and focused more on character development and overarching story of the show. The movie that’s coming this summer and before the third season is being done by manglobe, why them I don’t know, but given their less then stellar recent track record I’m a bit worried and until I hear a good animation studio is attached to the third season – my pick AIC ASTA – I’m worried about it as well.

    My sister and I loved the first season, episode 39 was a real treat because much of that episode was done by the animators at Gainax and they parodied themselves wonderfully. My sister dropped the second season because there wasn’t enough comedy but I still enjoyed it.

    And I wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your blog and remains one of my favorite so I say just keep doing what you’re doing.

    • Oh wow, they a series that’s wandered place to place without a home. ;_; Well hopefully there will be more details soon.

      And thank you. That’s very flattering to hear.

  5. This blog site is really good. How can I make one like this ?

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