Maria Holic Alive First Impression

The fact that I’m doing first impressions of this mean that *le gasp* I’ve actually completed the first season. Yes, yes I have, Maria Holic and I go way back. It was actually the third series I ever blogged, and the series I blogged when I had mono. If you care to dig around Borderline Hikkomori, you probably will find those old posts.

For anyone who liked Maria Holic enough to come back for round two–and we’re probably few and far inbetween, here we go? Will Kanako ever get a glimpse of female flesh she yearns for? Will they writers ever figure out that constant nosebleeds aren’t funny? Or how to make Kanako less annoying? The answer is no, no, and probably not, but if you’re like me, you’re here for season two because there were parts you enjoyed about the show and characters you liked, and want to see more of. It’s no masterpiece, but it’s a wonderful guilty pleasure anime.

If you’re new to the world of Maria Holic, this comment from Scamp’s blog sums it all up very well. (Btw, if you don’t read his blog, you should. At this point, Scamp has developed a wonderful community of commenters from whom I love reading.)

Nailed it on the head

It’s a directionless shallow comedy that once in a while makes an insightful point. Far from Shaft’s best, but they’ll have another offering this season, and anyway, Shinbo does need a wind down from Madoka (although I’m very anxious to see those final episodes). Maria Holic is, in my opinion, pretty much the lowest Shaft sinks, going for fanservice, easy laughs and little depth. I do like it in a guilty pleasure way, but I also know what it is.

The episode itself plays out as one of the better episodes of Maria Holic. Maria Holic, in my opinion, has really likable side and supporting characters, the best being that of Mariya and Matsurika. The main weakness of the show comes from the main character Kanako, in that she is so incredibly annoying.

Seriously. I had forgotten how annoying how Kanako was, but after watching this episode, I think if I were to make a list of the most annoying anime characters, Kanako would be close to the number one spot if she didn’t make number one. Luckily in this episode, the whole group was here to water down Kanako. She also ended up very abused, which was strangely satisfying…

What really stood out to me in this episode is the numerous Shaft-y techniques and how nice it all looked. Since Maria Holic last aired back in Winter 2009, Shaft has come a long way! Being able to see this progress within their company is great, and probably the most satisfying part. Keep up the good work, and keep improving!

Screenshots, this one time, gotten from Random Curiosity.

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2 responses to “Maria Holic Alive First Impression

  1. I have to agree with pretty much everything you said. This was one of the best Maria+holic episodes and I hope that means the second season will be better overall.

    I was looking forward to Maria+holic basically just to see more Mariya (Yuu Kobayashi doing a male role that actually works as opposed to Clain from Fractale) and Matsurika (Marina Inoue at her best) but I’d kinda forgotten how much I hate Kanako.

    This show would work so much better if Mariya was the main character.

    • Me too. Thinking back, I thought she wasn’t so bad, and then I remember.

      It would 10x better to have Mariya’s devious ways as the focus of the show.

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