Everyday Life Series First Impression

My boyfriend asked me previously if I’d yet watched the first episode of Everyday Life. Well, now I finally have.

Me too.

Everyday Life is really simple to boil down. It’s a KyoAni slice of life with absurd comedy elements–I like what Scamp said, a moe Cromartie High School. Either you’ll really enjoy it, or you’ll be wholly unimpressed by it. I’m a fan of absurd humor, so I really enjoyed it.

First off, it’s much smoother then the OVA. The rough delivery has been polished up, and the little skits flow so much smoother. The skits are much funnier as well. If you haven’t watched the OVA at this point, just skip it.

The animation is a different style then the typical anime style, simple but surprisingly effective, and with KyoAni behind it, it’s incredibly gorgeous.

The OCD in me agrees with her very strongly.

Not that I don’t have my nitpicks. I felt there were way too many skits in this first episode. I would have rather the skits have been a little longer then there have been so many. It did get a little better when the skits where tied together, and there was a sense of continuity between, but still, it was just too many for me, and was a bit of rough sailing in the first half.

This was the point I was finally sold.

My other complaint was with the Professor and her robot. They’d been the most interesting part in the OVA, and I was highly disappointed for them to be the least interesting part of the episode. But there’s 26 episode, so they have time to get better.

All in all, I found it hilarious. That’s all there is to it. Either you’ll find it funny, or you won’t. If you don’t, then there’s little point in watching.

I actually...really love this ending.

Other blogs impression

Scamp enjoyed it despite his dislike of moe.

Just As Planned says same old same old.

Chikorita157 describes it as chaotic, but seemed to enjoy it.

Hanner’s describes the skits as hit and miss.



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2 responses to “Everyday Life Series First Impression

  1. Yi

    I might have to watch this just for that adorable ending!

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