Dog Days First Impressions

Okay, I want to establish something. I know this show is crap with no potential. Shallow absurd characters, even more absurd plot, and most absurd of all setting. Yet, I came out of it having vastly enjoyed it. I wasn’t quite sure why that was, and then it clicked that it was so bad and ridiculous that is was awesome. To me, it was even better then Rio: Rainbowgate from last season in this area. I understand that this isn’t a good thing for the world of anime, but I was in such a good mood after I watched it. It was so dumb and ridiculous, it was quite fun for me.


I couldn't take any of this seriously. I mean the beginning was suppose to be serious, but I couldn't take such goofy looking animal people seriously.

Our protagonist is this blond hair blue eyed guy who according to the fansubs, does manly athletics in England. Which is basically gymnastics, a girl dominated sport where I’m from. Although Men’s Gymnastics is by far my favorite sport in the winter Olympics. They’re so…graceful. Yeah. Graceful. The main character is SUPER SERIAL about being the best gymnist ever, especially as he came in second place. But Japan doesn’t have enough places for him to train, which leads him to attempt gymnastics in illegal (well, at least places he shouldn’t be) and dangerous places whenever he feels like it.

He also has his only friend in the world (surprise he has any) that will either get the short end of the stick, or never be seen again. Initially, I thought it was a decent touch how they tried to make her look vaguely Japanese. That was, until we found her her name was BECKY. What Japanese guy names their kid Becky? The main character has the name of Shinku despite being from England, but the actual Japanese character can’t get a proper name.


Heck, I don't think anyone names their kid nowadays Becky.

And then the weirdest looking dog ever uses a knife to summon our main character and looked really stupid while doing so. You know, just cause an idea that should be stupid  for once was really cool (Persona 3) doesn’t mean that all other times, it won’t be stupid.

From there, Shinku becomes the hero for these dog people that are war with cat people. Really. Except war isn’t being killed or grievously injured, but engaging in these athletic skill challenges. They know they’ve lost as the cats turn from anamorphic beings into cute ball shapes that resemble their species and it’s all so dumb and entertaining.

Do I really have to say anymore? Psgels said that the show didn’t know how stupid it was. I disagree. It seems to me that not only are the writers aware this series is terrible, but they relish making it as terrible as possible. I wonder if the story behind Dog Days was they kept submitting ideas they put time and effort in, only to be shot down, probably because the series didn’t have enough merchandising potential. They then turned around, and in frustration, threw together an uninspired and ridiculous idea as possible only for the people in charge to love it and demand it be made.

You just don’t get something this bad by accident. These people know it’s bad. They’re just going to have as much fun with it as they can anyway.

You don't make something as hidious as this bird unintentionally.

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8 responses to “Dog Days First Impressions

  1. they relish making it as terrible as possible”

    Well, I don’t think so… unlike many shows that tried being as ridiculous as possible, Dog Days seems to be made with a target audience in mind.

    Maybe for people who would like Nanoha, but dislike all that bloodshed.

  2. Okay, didn’t know the response was *that* venomous…
    I must be one of the few who really likes this show. Personally I find this setting awesome, war as it should be =P (I also never felt the show really taking itself seriously from the start)

  3. There are two things I like about Dog Days: the pink-haired princess is a cutie, and knock-off chocobos. Actually, some of the other characters are cute too, but they haven’t gotten much screentime.

  4. Cute chocobos? Dog Days feels like a moefied version of Final Fantasy or something. Probably not going to touch it until midseason I guess.

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