Fractale Review

Probably one of my weakest reviews as A) This is probably my first negative review and B) I’m still sick.

Summary: Takes place in a future world where humans no longer interact with each other thanks to all their needs being provided by the Fractale system. When a actual human turns up in Clain’s life, he finds himself on an adventure where a bunch of crap happens.

Episodes: 11

Fractale initially seemed like a good deal. After all, an interesting summery, gorgeous promo image, and then it was in the Noitamina timeslot, which is a sign of an at least decent show.

The first sign that something was off was when right away, the viewer could notice the character designs had drastically been changed from the promo art to the anime. If I ever see that again, I will drop that anime as fast as I possibly can.

Girl in front now has red hair, girl in back has brown...

I feel like the best way to go about this is to talk about my viewing experience. My viewing experience is as follows. In the beginning I didn’t care for any of the characters but Nessa, but that’s okay, as Nessa was really cute, and I am a sucker for cute. It had such potential though! As the anime proceeds, it takes forever to get started, but I stuck with it as really wanted those questions to be answered, it hinted at something deeper, and the episodes were okay. Episode 5 kinda sucked though. (1-5). In episode 6 and 7, there are some episodic stories which are basically the high points of the series, as they involve the Fractale system a little. I still have no idea what message the anime was trying to send, but these were just episodic stories that were going to support the main arc, right? At this point, some of the questions that were presented at the beginning of the series are starting to get answered, and while it’s all made out to be some big revelation, it turns out all the answers are all really really stupid. Then the actual story starts. The actual story is a vague stab at something coherent with a mix of really shocking incidents that are suppose to stun the viewer. Except someone should have explain that the events won’t stun the viewers if they make no fucking sense. At first I and the people who had stuck with it and thought Fractale might redeem itself tried to make sense of what was going on and stayed optimistic.

Then. The moment came. For everyone watching, it was a different moment, but it meant the same thing. It was the moment when something so inane or stupid happened that one realized that Fractale was absolutely irredeemable. For me, it was when Phyrne was put on the gynecologist table about to be examined by her ‘father’, and realized part of the reason that scene was in there was to make sweaty otaku excited that there was about to be a glimpse of Phyrne’s hoo-hah.

That moment happened somewhere as Fractale got dumber and dumber with each episode. By the end of the series, I had no idea what this about, what message here, or why I should care. All sorts of questions that I wanted answered wasn’t. Why didn’t we find out more about the mechanics of Fractale? Why did Sunda make his little sister that seemed all of 12 the master of a machine gun? Why did Nessa keep trying to disapper? And why the hell of Clain’s Mom a watercooler?

The problem is, there was so many ways it could have worked. Mainly if it hadn’t tried to be deep, and just went with being a light hearted action series, as the action scenes were the best part. It also would have benefited from more exploration of the world of Fractale. But it had to pretend to be deep, and make it seem like the characters were in a battle were something of importance to our actual world was at stake. If you tell me an anime is deep, your characters better not be spouting something of importance. On top of that, it went on to be a character driven show with some really flat and annoying characters. What also bugged me was that this was in the Noitamina timeslot. If this was a Xebec anime, my response would be, “Well, Xebec usually sucks.”  Even if this was A-1 Pictures work on it’s own, I’d be less pissed. But Noitamina comes with a certain level of quality expected. Yamaken should retire, for ever thinking this level of quality was acceptable in Noitamina.

I still like Nessa. She's the only good thing.


Art A

The art was really good. It was beautiful, and reminiscent of Miyazaki’s work. If only they had something better to animate…

Characters D

The characters are clichéd and for the most part, flat. Even so, they’ll break character the instant the plot calls for it. The only character I liked was Nessa, but even she was reduced into an annoying character at the end who kept reinforcing the same point over and over.

Episodic Value C

I enjoyed 6/11 episodes. If you must must watch it, stop after Clain gets shot. The episode might seem like a cliffhanger, but in the next episode, he’ll be all patched up and okay like it never happened.

Overall Storyline F

A lot of the F’s are put in place with the idea that a F is pretty much impossible. But insulting is the only way to describe this godawful excuse of a storyline. In the end, I was only sticking with it for Nessa, and so I could understand Scamp’s posts.

Setting C-

The Fractale System is really interesting. Too bad they rarely use it, and we get stuck with this boring journey to fight the temple instead with an unremarkable setting.

Final Grade: C-

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7 responses to “Fractale Review

  1. It sounds like it’s a good thing I stayed away from Fractale. I watched the first episode and thought “ok, there’s way too much happening here for them to cover in 11 episodes” and stopped right there. I’ve seen this happen with older anime before so I guess it was my past experiences that saved me.

  2. I don’t want to blame Noitamina for anything, but they were doing such a good job until…well, Fractale.

  3. Yi

    When the series first came out, I remember there being quite a bit of hype. I was kind of disappointed I didn’t have time for it. I guess I’m not really missing all that much.

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