Awkward Screenshots: Final Fractale Edition

As the Fractale Anime has finally come to an end, here’s the final round of Fractale’s awkward screenshots. Looking back, I realized I missed so many awkward moments this anime had to offer, but I’m new to this, and wasn’t prepared for how bad Fractale would be.  Although episode 11 did take the cake…

Wow, you waited 700 years to do it, just to find the key and the keyhole don't fit? Man, THAT SUCKS.

Dammit Phyrne, I just don't get why you are you're own person with your own thoughts! IT MAKES NO SENSE!

This woman strangles her allies and hugs her enemies. She sucks at her job.

We just thought it'd be fun to shoot grannies.

My face through the entirety of Fractale 11


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2 responses to “Awkward Screenshots: Final Fractale Edition

  1. Ruby

    Rofl!!! my face was like that too xD I thought Fractale was suppose to be 26 eps or something, can’t believe it ended so fast. The ending was so wtf, I don’t even know what to say 0_o also, the captions were so funny, I had a good laugh x3 ~~

  2. I’ve only just realised that you’ve changed your theme. Wow, it feels so different ;D

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