Make a Contract

Hi! I’m Kyubei! I’m here to offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity! Here’s the deal, I’ll grant one wish you have. In return, you have to be a magical girl or boy and fight against evil witches! What are you waiting for, make a contract already!


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10 responses to “Make a Contract

  1. And here I was thinking the sudden influx of posts from you were actual posts. . . . . but then again, I remembered that Kyubey took over.

  2. So would not mind that, although I’d probably make a hobby of kill QBs…
    maybe they actually taste good…
    Happy April 1st xD

  3. Sophia

    What if I were to wish to annihilate you? Would you grant that?

  4. Thanks to you for give the keywords that i was wanting to find more info about the QB!!

  5. I wish that the whole race of QB will die ;D Does that still qualify?

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