My Sai-Mecha nominations

I’ve been trying to resist, and can resist no longer. After reading both Scamp‘s and Shinmaru‘s choices for Saimecha, I have to throw my nominations out there.  Note that I’m not a serious mechafag, but I do enjoy the genre. So settle down, and enjoy. I expect most of these are too obscure to make it to the final 32, but they’ll always have place in my heart.

Yes, girls can like mecha too.

Tachikoma (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)

These little robotic critters serve to help out the police force(?) of Ghost in the Shell, performing tasks that humans can’t. They would be plenty cute on their own, but they had to go further. Give the Tachikoma the ability to talk, and then they star in their only mini-short. Seriously, if you want to see the combination of mecha and cute, the Tachikoma does it incredibly well. The only mecha that could hope to be that cute is the penguin robot of Gauken Alice.

Moving along after that little plug for Gauken Alice…

Gekiganger (Nadesico, Gekiganger OVA)

When it comes to the representation of 80’s mecha, Gekiganger does it best. Not to mention, the show is so cool, t even aliens dig it. Hostile nations bond together just for this robot! …I’m going to stop talking before I start to feel depressed.

Whoever I stole it from was right on

Deathscythe Hell (Gundam Wing)

On top of the mentioned above, Deathscythe has some of the coolest cloaking/stealthing/whatever action. It’s a huge robot that can sneak up on it’s victims. Da-yum.

Wing Zero (Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz)

I’ll be blunt here. Wing Zero sucks. You know why? Well, it’s no secret that the storyline of Gundam Wing was pretty weak, but Wing Zero was the ultimate Get Out Of Jail Free card. Everytime the writers wrote themselves into a corner, they used Wing Zero and it’s ~mysterious powers~ to get them out of it by having someone take a ride in the Gundam.

Yet they made it look so cool in the movie that it would be a shame not to include it.

I hate you Wing Zero but I can’t not include you.

Rayearth (Magic Knights Rayearth)

Rayearth is kinda a big deal. These days, the combination of magical girls and mecha is hardly innoventive but it had to come from somewhere. Magic Knights Rayearth was the first magical girl series to provide the crossing of genres between mahou shoujo and mecha, and I’m top of that, gave some bad-ass robots. Of the three, Rayearth was my favorite.

On that note, if you’re interested in where mecha began to cross into other genres, see Escaflowne.

Chie (Saikano)

Normal underachieving school girl stuck with a boyfriend who can’t keep it in his pants, and then she gets kidnapped by the government and turned into the ultimate weapon/mecha by the government.  One might argue that being part human, she doesn’t qualify, but that little humanity she has…disappears fast. In the end of the manga, she’s a giant spaceship. It’s part awesome, but at the same time the entire series makes it look Madoka has it easy.

AV-98 (Patlabor)

These are the police force robots in the world of Patlabor. These beast are sleek, sexy, and get the job done. They’re so awesome, the OVA theme song is a love song dedicated to the robot. One of pilots even gives her Patlabor a name. By the way, if you’re looking for a series with some top-notch characters and that is great fun, Patlabor is a great place to look.

Galaxy Express 999 (Galaxy Express 999)


Gurren Lagaan (Gurren Lagaan)

I think there’s something about Gurren Lagaan for everyone to like. It has a nice design, the aspect of being the result of a transformer robot where the pilots have to work together, and is powered by manpower. It also has no limits, continuing to get bigger and badder. Of course, Gurren Lagaan doesn’t make any sense, but it’s very upfront about the fact that it doesn’t make sense, nor is it suppose to.

Meta-Caterpie (Pokemon)

Team Rocket are the masters of absurd mecha. This is my favorite of the whole bunch. Something about the whole mecha inside mecha…or maybe just the fact that it’s a big-ass catepillar.

And now some honorable mentions for some machines that in my eyes, I can’t see as mechas, but are pretty awesome and still sprung to mind right away when I was thinking of ideas for this list.

Silvana (Last Exile)

The biggest baddest airship ever. The question is, how can they make a ship as cool as the Silvana one in the sequel?

Hermes (Kino’s Journey)

Hermes is a motorcycle that talks, often complaining or making wry comments. Yet he isn’t annoying, and instead is a rather entertaining presence throughout the series.

Octus (Symbiotic Titan)

Okay, he is a mecha, but he’s out due to be a mecha from American Animation. Still, he’s one of the best robots ever…

Anyway, I hope everyone reading has all enjoyed.  More then anything else, please support SaiMecha.

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One response to “My Sai-Mecha nominations

  1. Woooow nice list! I think Deathscythe is easily a favorite of any Gundam wing fan I know it made a few lists. That and TTGL! Always epic for me hahah and yes girls can like mecha too 😀

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