Pokemon Black and White Day 12

Well, moving along. Updates are coming a little slower as a) It’s been a busy week and b) we’re reaching the end of the main storyline of Pokemon White. Oooooh. So yeah. Cut for spoilers. Cause I’m considerate. Or something.

Circling back to do some things. Going back to the route outside of Opelucid City to do some more exploring. The department store was a big disappointment. I always loved in previous games climbing floor after floor. In this game, the redesign made it all feel like it was just one big floor. Bummer.

There was the CHALLENGE CAVE too, but I’m not allowed in yet. Must be a post game thing.

I thought I’d head down to the cave with Axew, but when I got there,  I found out I needed flash and strength, and guess what! None of the Pokemon in Sparkle’s party had either! So I decided to put that on the back burner.

So. Onto Iris’s gym. Can I say her maze is extremely hard? Because it is. I spent quite a bit of time figuring it out. She was a pretty tough gym leader as well. I was prepared, and still overleveled, so we walked out victorious.

Right to find Professor Juniper waiting for me outside. Seems she had super sensitive information regarding the dark stone that was sooooo sensitive, she couldn’t just call me and talk to me about it. The information being…she had no idea how to use the stone to summon a dragon. But she gave Sparkle a master ball, so all is cool I guess?

Off to Victory Road…except the Clerk stopped us. Seemed there was a strange pop up storm freaking everyone out. And as I’m the only one who can solve anything in this world, I had to go check it out. With my amazing deductive skills, and some wandering around lost, eventually we found an old women who could explain the situation. Plus she gave Sparkle soup! I think that’s the first time Sparkle has been fed in the entire game!

Seems the storms are caused by some Pokemon who is a big meanie that goes around and stirs us storms cause he feels like it. But if I were to catch him, the storms would stop, I would doom Unova to drought, and the day would be saved! Leaving the house, the pokemon decided to wave himself in front of my face, and then leave. He really is a meanie.

With that completed, it was back to Victory Road. On the way I bumped into Cheren, who’s butt I kicked, and Bianca, who gave me some max revives. I really don’t get all the Bianca hate. After all, this free stuff thing she’s started is really awesome.

I really liked how Victory Road was laid out in this game. I missed some items though, and wasn’t sure how to get them. I’ll just have to come back later?

Anyway, we know what comes next. Elite Four time.

Arthur, male.

Bugs Me, female. I don't have a problem with, and like most insects. Except for ants. I blame my southern genetics, as down there is the land of the fire ants, so the dislike of ants must end of bred in.

Homura, female. This is my favorite fifth gen pokemon. Pity I don't like the evolutions much.



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6 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 12

  1. Can’t wait to see your Elite Four post =D What is the team you’ve been using/will be using against them?

    I actually think ants are one of the most amazing insects (along with bees) with their extremely organized and complex societies and unbreakable work ethic. I’ve also been touched when I see them recover the dead bodies of their comrades and carry them off. Even though they can cause a lot of problems for people I think we can also learn something from them.

    • Look at my next update. 😉 I was saving it for then.

      I agree about ants being fascinating. I love how they can carry so much heavier then there body weight. Not to mention their complex social structure.

      It’s just…if I happen to see one in real life, I don’t freak out, I just…feel uncomfortable and kinda scoot away. ~.~

  2. vidstudent

    Black is beaten! ^_^_v

    No spoilers, but look for a much longer endgame than anticipated.

    Oh, and I has a Hydreigon now. His name is Barney. He hurts things like whoa. (I took the time to evolve my Deino to Zweilous and EV train the thing before challenging the Elite Four. Its starting form makes for good Flintstones references, but wow do the stats for that form suck.)

  3. Hydreigon is a big disappointment… Poor stats and it’s outclassed by Dragonite, Salamence and Garchomp, which has Sword Dance and Dragon Dance. Heck, I was able to defeat one with a Lucario and Aura Sphere. I suppose any bulky or sweeps that outspeed it can defeat it too with Ice and Fighting moves.

    Dragonite is still the best looking dragon in my opinion.

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