Pokemon Black and White Day 11

Now that N’s wish is on the way to being granted through the contract formed with the mythical dragon, he prepares to show the world his new outfit…

http://chan.sankakucomplex.com/post/show/989066Okay, so that’s not how the story goes…

This is the rest of the charactes, if anyone wants to see them.

Off we go to Relic Castle where Cheren waits outside while Sparkle rushes inside. Team Plasma was waiting already, announcing their intentions to ‘Test Me.’ I’m not sure why I need to be tested when Sparkle has defeated them over and over. But here we are.

Yet defeating the grunts this time and their remarks is probably the first time time I’ve started to wonder if they didn’t have a point, and maybe they were right and I was wrong. Except for the who stealing pokemon thing, which no matter how you look at it, is bad. Making my way through Relic Castle took a large chunk of time as I had an embarrassing amount of trouble with the quick sand.  At the end though, all Sparkle finds is no stone, and a pat on the back that I indeed the chosen one to go head to head with N.

At that time, Lenora gives the champion a call, and Cheren, Champion, and Sparkle run back to the museum. Apparently the useless stone is actually the stone that can summon the dragon, if anyone can figure out how to have it summon the dragon. The question is, am I ready for the responsibility? Heck yes, I want a chance to put that creep in his place.

So from there, it was time to slide across the Wetlands to Opelucid Bridge.  Except along the way was a wee little hitch. Or two. First was Biancia, who I’m finding harder then Cheren. I wish I could let her win just once though, as she always seems disappointed when she realizes she’s losing. At least Biancia has figured out what to do with herself, even if it’s the odd combo of a model/professor.

The all fearsome shadow triad popped up to kidnapped and take me to Ghentis.

Anyway, the guy likes to hear himself talk. Basically he admits that the whole cause to save Pokemon is total bullshit and I think as a method of persuasion not to take on N, threatens Sparkle? As if that will dissuade me from putting Sparkle in any peril, now that I know that I can put N in his place. So threaten away all you want green hair guy.

Finally getting into the city, Team Plasma is doing their gig, and we meet up with Iris again as well as Dreyden. I’m going to go off on a tangent real quick, but one thing I really like is among all the characters, from the trainers you battle to the main characters, have a wide range of skin colors rather then just unrealistic pale. It’s a really nice touch.

After their spiel, Iris and Dreyden took me to their place to talk. There was a lot to talk about, something about a one being splitting into two, and I hope Sparkle took notes cause I didn’t. Iris is so cute though.

I think Opelucid City is where I’d live if I lived in Unova. I love the place aesthically, and the people are my type of weird without being out of touch with reality like in Acculma. There’s props obsessed dude (although I’ll admit, as lame as musicals are, I like the props), the two people who live together yet terrified to let the other know anything about themselves, the time machine guy and Thyme who wants to want the future hold (hint, you’ll disappoint your parents), and the triple battle guy who sulks if you won’t let him describe how triple battles work.

Well there are a couple things I want to check out, and then it’s gym time.



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2 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 11

  1. That Madoka/Pokemon crossover art amuses me more than it probably should. ^_^;

  2. Great entry (and choice of images! ^^) as usual.

    What I found interesting in Opelucid City is there’s one guy who says that he thinks there’s a slightly different version of himself in a slightly different city that exists in a parallel version of the world. This is a reference to Pokemon Black in which Opelucid City looks a bit different than in White.

    Oh, and just an FYI, you can battle those triple battle trainers everyday. Great experience =D

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