Pokemon Black and White Day 10

So this post pretty much covers the bits I did while I was at the convention (I wasn’t staying at the hotel, but rather, was riding with my mom to and from) and then while I laid in bed sick the next two days.  I’ll probably be grouchier then normal in this post as I’m still sick, but I need to get a post out before I start to get forgetful.


After the awkward moment with N, it was off to Twisted Mountain. On the way, we bump into Cheren, who wants to know why he feels a need to get more powerful. It’s because you’re a man, okay? The champion also stops by to drop off surf, which would be nice except for one thing. Right after getting surf, I discovered there’s barely anywhere to surf. That was really disappointing to find out. There’s route 17 and 18, and a couple other places, but all in all, barely anything.

I don’t know if it was because it was winter, or it just happened to be that way, but Twisted Mountain was really confusing. There was no clear path to take, and just a lot of hopping around and guessing. Apparently there was the snowflake that was really rare even in winter, but I kept running into them…and making them faint. They’re really fragile. Luckily, someone in the process of giving one to my mom lent me the snowflake pokemon, so I got it for the Pokedex.

Eventually I made it out (and I think beat up some Team Plasma Grunts) to stumble onto the wetlands surrounding Icirrus city. But as it’s winter, they’re completely frozen over and I found too difficult to navigate to make it workable. Instead, I headed into the grass patch before Dragonspiral tower to train until I was ready to take on the gym.


Ninja, male.

I actually have a soft spot for Icirrus City. Perhaps all the snow reminds me of Ohio. One of my favorite touches is a house you can’t visit outside of winter. There’s a former member of Team Rocket that my Mom instantly remembered from the previous game. The bit of continunity was nice.


I surfed around a little and FOUND A SURFBOARD, female.

The Icirrus Gym went pretty quickly as my pokemon were on the over leveled side. I had more difficulty with the puzzle then anything. There was a moment of panic when I arrived at the third part of the puzzle and then sent Sparkle back to the beginning but that was solved quickly. And Brycen was easy peasy.

After that, Cheren and and Bianca where waiting outside so we could bond like the good ole days.

Except Team Plasma shows up and RUINS EVERYTHING. They’ve broken into the Dragonspiral tower to do something and we have to to stop them. Except on the way over, I notice some shaking grass, and check that out instead…


Rocky, male. Named after the flying squirel from Rocky and Bullwinkle. Someone else remembers that show???

Instead of rushing to Dragonspiral tower and solving the crisis, like I should have, I went to route 17 and got Waterfall as well as some other pokemon.


Princess, female.

Tigerblood, male. Although truth be told, I'm sick of Sheen, but I couldn't think of anything else.


Getting back to Dragonspiral Tower, I find myself crashing what essentially is a ‘We love our Lord N and he’s going to do something awesome’ Party with what N is doing at the top of tower being the main event of the evening.

Well, Sparkle battles through Plasma grunt after Grunt rushing to make it to the top of the tower (although we make the occasional stop to get items) to find N in the middle of…something big.

Summoning a legendary dragon.

We're fucked.

He rants at Sparkle a bit, including telling her that she should get her own dragon so they can be a matching pair or something before flying off. Meanwhile, the gravity of the situation starts to sink in. Previously he might have been a raving mad man, but now he’s a raving mad man with the power to carry out his wishes. Not to mention he’s managed to do the impossible by summoning this dragon. Maybe he’s not so mad.

But he’s still creepy.

Predictably, everyone panics, and then develops a semblance of a plan. Cheren and I are to go to Relic Castle. Now that I remember, earlier there was a part that was blocked off. I’m guessing it’s not blocked off anymore!

Oh yeah, I caught Pokemon in the Dragonspiral Tower.


Sparks, male.



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2 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 10

  1. I wonder why it’s winter in your game when it should be autumn…is the date on your DS set correctly?

    Your mom plays Pokemon games? That’s cool! Wish my mom does XD

    And I remember Rocky and Bullwinkle! =P

    • My DS has a strange version of the Y2k Bug. When we went into January 2011, it wasn’t ready for the year change and insisted the new month was December 2010. Every month after has been…December 2010. 😀

      This is one of the reasons I’m working for a new DS.

      Yep! She also plays Kirby, Mario, Spyro, Zelda, and a few others.

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