We’ve Been SHAFTED (Madoka May Indeed Be Cancelled From Airing On TV)

From the livejournal community I watch:

Madoka has no plans of airing the episode next week, and even more, they have no confirmations if they are ever airing the episode on April at all.

“Apparently. MBS will not air any more of Madoka episode THIS MARCH, and they don’t even know if they will actually air at all. Same for TBS. It is likely that entire two episode of Madoka getting cancelled.”

(Poster’s info is from 2channal)


I have mixed feelings. Yes, I am disappointed. Madoka is the series that I hoped I would one day see, but was never certain I would. It was an anime that didn’t have to be perfect or amazing, yet would air while I was blogger, and have the potential to be a classic by being an anime that was intriguing, something new, and had a wide appeal that drew in a huge audience. There had been some ones that tried (Panty & Stocking, Durarara) but I felt never did it. Yet this has almost done it. I don’t know if this blew it or not.

But at the same time, I understand why, and don’t feel anger about this. Madoka had the potential to have a very tragic and upsetting ending. And now, the people of Japan-the main audience-is in a very fragile emotional state. We’re removed from the destruction and death they’re facing on a day to day basis. If the content may be too upsetting and needs to removed for the time being, so be it.

After all, we will get to see the episodes eventually. The worst I can imagine is that we’ll just have to wait until the final DVD is released. But even if the episodes were never released, I can’t say Madoka is that bad as an uncompleted work. All the important questions were answered and we were left awaiting the final showdown.

Yes, it is disappointing, but the fact is, life happens. I do have one more Madoka post left in me that I’ll post sometime this week.


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11 responses to “We’ve Been SHAFTED (Madoka May Indeed Be Cancelled From Airing On TV)

  1. …well, dang. That’s disappointing.

    It makes sense that it might be canceled overall due to the way things are right now, though. Hopefully we’ll at least get to see them when the DVDs are released.

  2. *cue rageguy in 3…2…1….*

    Kind of disappoints me that this is the end result… then again, i’ll wait until AnimeNewsNetwork actually confirms it before mass disappointment… Hopefully they will air it at some point and don’t leave it hanging indefinitely.

  3. The episodes will come out eventually, and life will go on.

  4. Sooo…..this is pretty much the worst news ever if the two episodes are just never shown ever. They’ll be released on DVD at least for sure.

    Getting Japan back on it’s feet is more important anyway.

    Ughh. I was actually enjoying watching this week to week, and I usually hate not marathoning shows.

  5. neko

    *falls to knees dramatically* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo………………………. ;_;

  6. Yi

    It’s a bit disappointing, but agreed with b both you and Shinmaru. I can wait.

  7. Disappointing, but understandable. I’m sure we’ll get our last 2 episodes eventually. But even if we don’t? IMO the ending of episode 10 was strong enough to be a good conclusion. It’s open ended enough that we can imagine for ourselves how things turn out, but it is somewhat conclusive, too. We know that Homura is going to reset again and again until she gets an outcome that she wants.

  8. it’s okay, look on the bright side, I suppose the quality will be better..?

  9. There could always be the chance that SHAFT’s production studios was hit by the tsunami/earthquake worse than we thought and they decided to simply give a free gift to those people who had been voicing complaints (shrug)

  10. I was really disappointed with this news, but on the bright side, at least SHAFT will have plenty of time to make the last two episodes as good as possible.

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