Everyday Life 00 Impression

I’m not sure what the story behind this episode is, whether it’s an episode released as a bundle with the manga, or is suppose to serve as a promo for the upcoming series. Either way, it was a nice way to get a bit of a taste for what the upcoming series might hold.

I'm sure this is how my cats feel.


Straight to point, overall I really enjoyed this. It’s simple, but effective, a slice of life comedy with absurd little details that won me over. From the first story with the fishing analogy to the second story with the wind-up up girl and the talking cat, it kept me entertained, and I ended up with a goofy grin on my face. When it focuses on the humor, which is what Everyday Life seems to do best, it works.

However, there was a glaring flaw that Psgels addressed and Scamp also spent a good time talking about. It’s a flaw that’s obvious within the third story.  They were just trying to hard to make the characters cute. Making the characters cute and focusing on it, while something I’m a sucker for, is a technique I feel is used when the producers/writers/whatever (in my feverish mind anime could come from the stork for that makes sense) when there isn’t enough else to fill a timeslot, and they need to stuff an episode with something to keep them engaged. It kills time, and people love it. Yet here, it just felt unneeded.

Everything was strong enough on it’s own, between the animation, dialogue, and jokes,  that the characters didn’t need to be cute. Yet KyoAni stuffed it in, not with the feeling of filling time, but with the feeling that they weren’t confident enough that the series could hold it’s own without the cute factor in there. Instead, they wanted to add enough just in case everything else tanked, something would hold them over. In the end, I suppose it is a safety-net, but it also gives the anime this awkward feeling, as if someone who wasn’t invited just crashed the party.

In the end, I think it’ll be the cuteness and the quality of jokes that decide whether this anime succeeds or fails. At the least, it’ll be interesting to see how this measures up to episode 01.

Also, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m glad my medicine is all in pill form, and not in bitter herb form. Poor kid.

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