Check out Bloggers For Japan

Now either wordpress is picky about putting banners on the website, or I’m HTML dumb or both, but I’m not sure how to get a banner up for Bloggers For Japan, so I’m just going to make a post about it instead. Basically, check it out! And add it to your website for others to check out, if you could so be inclined.

After all, I’m sure we’re all either bloggers or readers for Japan.


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6 responses to “Check out Bloggers For Japan

  1. If you trying to put a banner into your sidebar this is my-probably-dumb-way-to-do-it-but-how-I-do-it-way: I start a new post, insert the picture I want to use as a banner, change the link url to the website I want to link to, flip the post from Visual to HTML, copy everything that’s written there, go to the widget page and add a text box to the sidebar and paste, save and it should appear

  2. Go to appearance, then click Widgets. You’ll see “image” then wonder ‘why the hell I didn’t see it earlier…’

  3. Thanks to Steelbound and Justin. I was having the same problem Janette described (not knowing how to setup in WP). Oh, and thanks to Janette, too, for asking the question that I was too stupid not to ask for myself. Anyways, I added the image/link thanks to everyone’s help. Arigato!

  4. This shall make an appearance on my blog.

  5. There are some companies who are/were donating 100% of the profits to help Japan. This is what I did when I bought software… but yeah, everything counts no matter what.

    I will add a link to that somewhere on my site, btw.

  6. Thanks for the help everyone! I now have it on my site now.

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