Pokemon Black and White Day 9

Day 9 is actually a combination of two days worth of playing. I know, I’m moving through the game at a pretty slow pace but I’m really enjoy playing at this pace.

Where we left off, I was making my way through Chargestone Cave, as N informed me Team Plasma would be waiting in the back, and well, I have to go through to get to the next town anyway.

Martin, Male

Sparkle runs into Professor Jupiter and Bianca (who’s happily playing bodyguard) again. Jupiter announces her revelation that Klinks were a pokemon that came to be only a 100 years ago. Can you imagine how that muck up our world if we found a creature like that? Although I think we’d have a much bigger concern with the fact that gears were coming to life.

Ghostsucka, Male.

One of the frustrating things about the cave is the Dowsing Machine will go off in the first half of the cave for items in the second half due to how the cave is laid out. It really drove me nuts.

Boota, female.

When meeting up with N, he wants to battle. Then right after losing, he starts to go on and on about how awful Pokemon battles are. I think he’s just a sore loser. He pitches an absolute temper tantrum to the professor when she shows up, while the professor response like a mature adult.

The cave spits Sparkle out right onto Mistralton City. There we immediately bump into Skylea hanging out with the Professor’s Dad. Now, I’ve seen a lot of fanart of Elesa and Whitlea getting it on, but I have to say, I think she digs the older types, if you know what I mean.

Whitlea isn’t that excited, and informs you she has to go to Celestial Tower to take care of a sick Pokemon. Right away Jasmine. Not that stopping by Celestial Tower isn’t a bad idea. I can make an offering for all those Audinos I’ve slaughtered.

Cuddles, female. DS being stuck in December, hell yeah!

Kenny, male. I had to make a tribute to my favorite Southpark character by naming him after a ghost pokemon.

ET, male. I believe these Pokemon are Prince Baka's gift to us.

Meeting Skylea at the top of tower, we find the pokemon has already been taken care of, and she asks if Sparkle wants to ring the bell, saying the sound reflects the heart of the person who rings it. As it’s Sparkle, and not me with my black heart, the bell lets out a pure sound, and Skyla is much more positive about interacting with our trainer. She invites us to come back to the gym.

Before coming back to the gym, I insist on checking out the airfield and farm. It’s pretty amusing in a lulzy way. Someone says that I shouldn’t be on the airfield as it’s dangerous, but it’s okay because the plane only goes out once a day. And if I happened to be on the airfield when that once a day occurrence happens then what? Moving on to the fields and using the dowsing machine, it seems there are items planted in them…

Skylea’s gym is a gym that A) Whitlea would be jealous of and B) I think qualifies as video game cruelty potential. There were all these cannons that Sparkle would load herself into, and I got to watch as she be thrown full force into the walls.  On top of that, the other trainers would turn to watch as Sparkle went flying to see her get thrown into the wall.

When I finally got to Skyla though, it was a pretty quick battle. Really, no gym leader has given me trouble since Elesa.

As soon as I leave though…

The pokemon the N was talking to was musharna. Which is a pokemon that’s always asleep.I bet that conversation went smoothly.

N: Tell me about your trainer!

Kyubei: Zzzzzz

N:….um, hello there?

Kyubei: Zzzzz

N: Well, he gets to sleep a lot…

I guess Kyubei could have sent the message via psychic waves or conjuring images, but if that’s his definition of talking to pokemon, then hell, we all can talk to pokemon. Stupid N…


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2 responses to “Pokemon Black and White Day 9

  1. In the Pokemon World, Kyubey would resemble an Espeon, but he doesn’t have any psychic powers…

    On the other hand, Skyla was extremely easy considering that my Pokemon are overleveled and her Pokemon is pathetically weak… If she had some heavy hitting Pokemon like Braviary, Swellow or Staraptor, it wouldn’t be a difficult battle.

  2. Another entertaining B&W log…love the funny N pictures XD

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